Will green for cash!!!

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10-05-2008 09:09:50

Hi. I'm new to this forum, but I'm on referrral swapper and have some knowledge about trading. I won't only easy offers, perferrably 1 offer to go green. I will except two 1/2 credit offers, but know more than 1/3 credit offers. Any one who have easy sites feel free to respond or pm me. Please do not pm me if I have to do more than 3 offers to green. Thanks.


10-05-2008 09:12:05

hey there, welcome D D

check out the thread below you, that's mine, would you be interested in YouriPodTouch4Free.com?

It's a 1-credit site with some 1-credit offers and Trainn is the best and easiest network to work on.

Great support.

Plus................ I'm running a special where I offer free advice! OH man, how could you turn that down haha. P


10-05-2008 09:30:46

Pm u! )


10-05-2008 09:41:28

Sending you a PM!!

sandra habina

10-05-2008 10:46:30

Welcome to FIPG I am sending you a PM with more info.

Happy trading )


10-05-2008 16:35:59

Hey C! I've got something for ya!
Sending PM, so just let me know if you have any questions!