TRAINN YouriPodTouch4Free Rocks my Girl Socks

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10-05-2008 09:00:22

No really. I wear girl socks so you don't see them with my sneakers D

Man, I'm so cool.

Anyway, on to business. I have this site here, YouriPodTouch4Free and there's two things going on with it.

The person whose link I used to sign up and green stiffed me and ran for the hills, but has not cashed out on his prize yet. SO WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU IS, I'm working on asking Alan to move my green to someone else who won't screw me.


So let's hear some offers. You can be creative, I'm not opposed to selling it for something cool that's not cash D

Also, I need refs for this site. $25 bucks a pop, and I'll throw in some free advice for any problem you're having, or a good long conversation about any topic you choose.

That's a freakin' value right there. You get an awesome TRAINN AND advice/conversation with me? I must be mad.

I'm a good trader, I'll help you out, I'm patient, and I'm not a jerk. So let's do this thing D


10-05-2008 13:18:53

Hi TravMan. I got your message. I'm really looking to trade first right now green for green if you can do Let me know.


11-05-2008 08:18:59

[quote5134cde3ba="CMA198161"]Hi TravMan. I got your message. I'm really looking to trade first right now green for green if you can do Let me know.[/quote5134cde3ba]

That site doesn't exist, is it

If so, yeah, I'll trade with you, no prob bob. I have higher TR, so you go first, shall I set up the trade?


11-05-2008 08:36:39

I'm sorry. It's called What site do you need me to do so we can get this show on the road. It must be compatible with my site because this is a easy site. Other than that, you canset up the trade. D Do you have yahoo messenger because I can't send you a pm at this time. If you do my ID is CMA198161.


11-05-2008 08:47:39

Ha, my site is easier than yours D TRAINN is the easiest D D D

Okay, I'll set up the trade, and I don't have messenger, I'm sorry haha, but you can always email= me at me at D

I'll green for you as soon as I see you've greened for me, okay? Cool, you're the best


13-05-2008 17:44:42

J4, I miss you (

Come back cry cry cry