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08-05-2008 07:55:01

I'm now paying for until I finish it!!!! Anyone interested?[/color6b400082e0][/size6b400082e0]

I may be new to this site in general, but I am an experienced freebie trader that you will NOT be disappointed with. PM me if you need proof. In order to prove that to you, I'm offering 100%[/color6b400082e0][/size6b400082e0] payouts for the month of May (you must go green by May 31st) on the OrderGiftsFree[/size6b400082e0][/color6b400082e0] network, and 75%[/size6b400082e0][/color6b400082e0] on all other sites.

I'm online literally ALL day. I will usually reply to your PM's within the hour! PM me with any questions you may have.[/color6b400082e0]$40 on GREEN[/color6b400082e0][/color6b400082e0] $40 on GREEN[/color6b400082e0][/color6b400082e0] $40 on GREEN[/color6b400082e0][/color6b400082e0] $40 on GREEN[/color6b400082e0][/color6b400082e0] $40 on GREEN[/color6b400082e0][/color6b400082e0] (2 credit site) $80 on GREEN[/color6b400082e0][/size6b400082e0]

[b6b400082e0][u6b400082e0]60%-75% on all other sites[/color6b400082e0][/size6b400082e0][/u6b400082e0][/b6b400082e0][/color6b400082e0] $30 on GREE[/color6b400082e0]N[/color6b400082e0] $25 on green[/color6b400082e0][/color6b400082e0] $25 on green[/color6b400082e0][/color6b400082e0] $25 on green[/color6b400082e0] (1/2 credit site) [/color6b400082e0] $10 on green[/color6b400082e0]

appleproducts.git-r-free[/color6b400082e0] $25 on green[/color6b400082e0]

cash.zipnadazilch[/color6b400082e0] $25 on green[/color6b400082e0]

paypal.zipnadazilch[/color6b400082e0][/size6b400082e0] $25 on green[/color6b400082e0]

[b6b400082e0][/size6b400082e0]PM me OR post if you are interested or have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you all![/b6b400082e0]


09-05-2008 06:38:34

Can't beat 100%. Come get your EASY $40


09-05-2008 13:26:06

I may be interested in doing one of these, there seems to be a few offers I haven't done already D

Let me get back to you.

Which site do you need done the most?


09-05-2008 13:40:06

Please read our rules about not bumping trade threads before 24 hours have passed. Please do not reply to my post or bump your thread again until 48 hours have passed since my post. Thanks.


09-05-2008 18:24:09

hello, i am interested in doing some.

do you know if any of them are canadian friendly?



12-05-2008 10:13:06

Sorry about breaking the rules! Thought it'd been 24 hours! I'm also offering BONUSES for multiple sites!!!


14-05-2008 11:00:06

bump me up scotty!


16-05-2008 07:01:16

Bringing it back up!


20-05-2008 06:54:47

back to the top!


21-05-2008 13:21:10

bringing it back for updates!


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27-05-2008 06:33:13

bump... we're coming close to the end of the month!


28-05-2008 12:48:21

almost there! Don't miss you!