Easy 1Credit Sites,1Ref $20, $25, $40, $75 & Free Greens

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08-05-2008 03:13:02

Welcome to my Thread.

I'm a Honest and Patient Project PayDay Mentor. [b0ec768ff81]Complete 3 Trades with me and I will show you how to receive FREE Greens.[/b0ec768ff81][/color0ec768ff81] Full Support. Step-by-Step Guide to getting started and receiving fast crediting. My goal is to make our trade go as smooth as possible.

[b0ec768ff81]Benefits of these sites[/b0ec768ff81]
1 Credit to complete your Green
Excellent Customer Support
Fast crediting system
Green for Life, Repeatable Site
1 Referral Cash Out
Orders are processed within 24hrs
Monthly Promotions

Here are the sites that I am currently offering... [b0ec768ff81]DO NOT sign up until I send you my referral links[/b0ec768ff81][/color0ec768ff81]. This is so that I will receive credit for your Green and that you will be paid by me. [b0ec768ff81]Reply to my thread on which site you would like to complete and I will send you my referral link[/b0ec768ff81][/color0ec768ff81]. Payments are processed upon Green Verification.

http//dell.v-bux.com/images/banners/ban5.gif[" alt=""/img0ec768ff81][=http//dell.v-bux.com/offers.list.php][img="0ec768ff81]http//dell.v-bux.com/images/banners/ban5.gif[" alt=""/img0ec768ff81][/url]
Dell.V-Bux Pays $40.00li for Green

[url==http//logitech.v-bux.com/offers.list.php][img="0ec768ff81]http//logitech.v-bux.com/images/banners/ban5.gif[" alt=""/img0ec768ff81][=http//logitech.v-bux.com/offers.list.php][img="0ec768ff81]http//logitech.v-bux.com/images/banners/ban5.gif[" alt=""/img0ec768ff81][/url]
Logitech.V-Bux Pays $20.00li for Green

[url==http//yourhugerewards.com/viewoffers.php][img="0ec768ff81]http//yourhugerewards.com/images/header.jpg[" alt=""/img0ec768ff81][=http//yourhugerewards.com/viewoffers.php][img="0ec768ff81]http//yourhugerewards.com/images/header.jpg[" alt=""/img0ec768ff81][/url]
YourHugeRewards Pays $25.00li for Green

[url==http//bigcash.allfreebieworld.com/viewoffers.php][img="0ec768ff81]http//bigcash.allfreebieworld.com/images/header.jpg[" alt=""/img0ec768ff81][=http//bigcash.allfreebieworld.com/viewoffers.php][img="0ec768ff81]http//bigcash.allfreebieworld.com/images/header.jpg[" alt=""/img0ec768ff81][/url]
BigCash.AllFreebieWorld Pays $25.00li for Green

[url==http//highrollers.v-bux.com/offers.list.php][img="0ec768ff81]http//highrollers.v-bux.com/images/banners/ban5.gif[" alt=""/img0ec768ff81][=http//highrollers.v-bux.com/offers.list.php][img="0ec768ff81]http//highrollers.v-bux.com/images/banners/ban5.gif[" alt=""/img0ec768ff81][/url]
HighRollers.V-Bux Pays $75.00li for Green

liPayouts Includes Bonus.

Earn an Extra $5.00 when you Green within 72hrs.
Earn an Extra $5.00 on each site following your first.
Complete 3 trades with me and I will teach you how to receive FREE Greens.

[color=blue0ec768ff81][b0ec768ff81]Reply to my thread with the site you would like to complete and I will send you my Step-by-Step Instructions on receiving your Green Quickly.

Let's Get Started and help each other make money.


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Good Morning... Let's Get Started.


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Hello, i would like to do the Dell and Logitech site.



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let's get started


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