- i will pay for greens or trade g4g

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01-05-2008 19:58:21

I'm new and i wanted to know how much one should pay for greeens on I'm more than willing to pay for a few greens, i would just like to know the current value of greens for that site. I have paypal...

Anywho, i've already searched the forums to see if there is already a pricing standard for ps34free greens but i couldn't find any. so, if you're willing, reply in topic and name a fair price.

i've sent my referral link to friends and co-workers, but i don't really expect any of them to hook me up. que sera.

well, thanks for taking your time to read this.

sandra habina

01-05-2008 21:19:47

Hello - there is no set pricing standard. But most traders offer about 1/2 of the payout/ref from the site. So if trainn is offering $50/ref then you would offer about $25 - perhaps a bit more because you do not have any TR trade record and need to build some up first.

Check around, read some posts in off topic and help forum - will give you some good ideas also. And there are some good crediting tutorials to read also. Best of luck. Feel free to PM me to ask more questions.