Paying For Greening

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30-04-2008 17:51:46

I'm paying on green for DuctTapedBundles. On DuctTapedBundles, you can order video game console bundles or basically anything you want with custom order! DuctTapedBundles has 500+ offers with 100+ no cc offers (no credit card required!!!). That means you're getting easy cash to do offers for free! It's a very easy site to do with great support, fast crediting, and fabulous prizes! It's fairly new, so it's a given that offers should be no sweat (with the 500+ offers), plus that means that there are plenty of other people available for you to refer to this site that havn't done it yet!

Hope you're interested and that we can establish a friendly trade. I'll provide support the whole way if you need it.

liUpdate I'm paying $35 per referral due to a promotion going on. That's about DOUBLE the supposed value as stated in this sticky
(thanks to marbleeye!)

If you green it quickly (I'll tell you how quick), I'll EVEN pay you $40 instead! PM now before it's too late!

liSorry for the bad bumping, fixing from 4th post. Also Mods, I don't know if the link is appropriate, please PM me and tell me whether or not it is and actions will be taken. Thanks


01-05-2008 17:08:13

Looking foward to your offers! This really is a great site!


02-05-2008 16:31:59

Active! will respond to offers quickly!


03-05-2008 19:29:20

Online now!


05-05-2008 15:42:05

Will offer support for trade!


06-05-2008 16:43:39

Very Active!