Experienced Trader Paying *TOP TOP* Dollar On OrderGiftsFree

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24-04-2008 09:05:59

[b6ae06beaac]I've been a member on FreeIpodGuide, FreeLunchRoom, Referral Swapper, and Anything4Free since June 2007 and am one of the of most experienced traders in this business. That is why I am cutting directly into the important information.[/color6ae06beaac]

I am currently offering TOP DOLLAR on 3 OrderGiftsFree sites.

Ps3.OrderGiftsFree is a 1 credit site and I am paying $25 on Green.

Paypal.OrderGiftsFree is a 2 credit site and I am paying $50 on Green.

Computers.OrderGiftsFree is a 3 credit site and I am paying $75 on Green.[/color6ae06beaac][/b6ae06beaac]

There is a $3 bonus for greening within 24 hours and a $5 bonus for completing 2 sites for me.

I Pay on GREEN

I Pay within 24 hours of GREEN ALWAYS

I Offer Step by Step guidance on Greening

Thank you for reading[/color6ae06beaac][/size6ae06beaac]