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24-04-2008 01:02:27

[i0afa15ba7c]Looking to pay for refferals on 5 great sites....you choose the site...and I pay....ALL 1 CREDIT SITES
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PHPAudit Order System $20 + $5 if completed in 24 hours

Cash FreeForAllMankind.com $20 + $3 if completed in 24 hours

ForceBucks - 80.ForceBucks.com $30 + $3 if completed in 24 hours

RocketBills - Not Just Fast, Rocket Fast! $20 + $5 dollars if completed in 24 hours

ExpressBux $40 + $10 dollars if completed in 24 hours[/size0afa15ba7c]

I offer GREAT help to newbies considering im partially one myself.....

You can contact me on here through a PM or message me on yahoo at fallen_dark_angyl

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So heres what you do... Pick your site...message me, and I'll set it up in the TM, I'll give you the link, and you complete the offers and get paid! D

HOPE TO WORK WITH YOU SOON![/color0afa15ba7c][/size0afa15ba7c]