Make 10$ and help me get Xbox360Elite; stamps=no $$ from you

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12-04-2008 14:56:10

Hello everyone,
am willing to pay 10$ to anyone who signs up using My Ref Link (pm me to get it) and completes an offer.

Payment will me, via paypal(can't really offer any other form of payment) as soon as point is awarded. Dont worry I will pay, otherwise i'll just ruin my chances of getting an xbox, cheaper than usual.

there are plenty of offers, but is perhaps the eassiest one to do and requires no money.

am going for the xbox360 elite pppls help me get it

thanks for looking at my post

my sig show my progress(I haven't done any offers yet because is the eassy part, I figure i'll get the referrals first then)


12-04-2008 15:28:51

Read the rules, then PM me with the fixed text and I'll unlock your thread.


18-04-2008 08:46:57


liI know am not offering much money, one I cant really offer more and this is a great oportunity for new members since no money is required to join