Trade for cash or ref, EXPED trader, + 19 trader score onA4F

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11-04-2008 11:23:04

I'm here from trader score of + 19 there,

Here is my trade thread and here are my rules.

1. I only want people who are serious about trading, I don't want someone to pm me for a trade and try to make more money by dealing with me, I set the prices, however if I really want something I may raise the money reward to you.

2. Stay in contact with me, don't just do your offer and then disappear or just sign up on the site and disappear it is annoying, I understand if you forget, hell I've done it a couple times, but try to keep up communicating, if you have questions about offers, ask me, I have done a ton of them.

3. If you go red before being paid I will try to help you clear that if possible, if you go red after being paid, I expect a refund

4. If you have a tr lower than 15 I will pay on approval, sorry but there are too many scammers out there and I don't have time for bullcensored. There are rare occasions where I do pay people on green under certain circumstances.

5. Lastly if you want to cancel trade, just tell me and I will go about my way.

afro.gif Let the Trading Begin!!!

Promotions, raffles, ect...

Here I will list offers that I ussually am trying to complete asap which usually will have a bonus to all my referrals or my last referral.

This batches promo is a raffle for 35 dollars for any one who is a ref that does not go red on me. I will give each referral a number and then when my site is complete out of the batch of referrals I will give one of the top freebie traders on here a list of numbers and have them pick a random number or I will give it to an administrator depending on how busy they are at time of raffle. Then once that number is chosen I will give the ref notice and he/she will be paid 40 extra dollars, yes its that simple.

SITES flatscreens.freepay for 20 per ref, (it is a very easy site to go green on, only 5 offers but I greened for free in less than a minute.) 25 dollars per ref (Once again another easy site)

Another promotion paying very high payouts for macrobucks sites for the whole month of april, all easy sites, forever green, repeatable

30 dollars for ref on 40.macrobucks 1 credit site

70 dollars for ref on 80.macrobucks 2 credit site

70 dollars for ref on apple.macrobucks 2 credit site

70 dollars for ref on lcds.macrobucks 2 credit site

100 dollars for ref on laptops.macrobucks 3 credits site

Easy 1 Credit 1 Offer sites!!!

Most are trainn sites the easiest.

All trainn sites 25 dollars per ref 2 more refs needed paying 30 dollars per ref for this one 25 dollars a ref really easy site!!

Now I will list my sites by networks of multiple offer credits

The best site to my knowledge is the git-r-free network here is what I'm paying

Here is a list of offers http//

25 dollars for, 40$ payout (easy 1 credit site, over 100 offers)

72 dollars per ref on, 120$ payout (easy 3 credit site, over 100 offers)

110 dollars per ref on, 180$ payout (Easy 4 credit site, over 100 offers)

Next up is the wish4free network, this network is awesome too, here is what I have to offer
Here is a list of the offers not a ref link http//

25 dollars for 1 credit site

25 dollars for easy 1 credit site.

50 dollars for easy 2 credit site

50 dollars for easy 2 credit site

80 dollars for easy 3 credit site

80 dollars for easy 3 credit site

110 dollars for easy 4 credit site

20 dollars for easy 1 credit site

(more to come)

See anything that interests you pm me or post under me and I'll get back to you asap

anything that will make my thread more easier to read or you think would look better to you go ahead and pm me or post something below too thanks


11-04-2008 18:36:36

Read the rules then PM me with your fixed post text and we'll get your thread unlocked. ;)