Wow***$32 for 1 green on TRAINN great offer, come on in!****

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10-04-2008 18:28:46

Hey guys, I only need two more referral on trainn site. So Im upping the anti to $30 a green. If you are very easy to talk to and you green very fast, Ill pay you $32. Let me know via pm , or AIM MY SCREEN NAME IS austinhagerty. My yahoo messenger is austin_hagerty!


10-04-2008 19:46:45

You'll pay up front if someone has a higher TR than you. Read the rules.


10-04-2008 21:25:56

If you are 14, then I do not think you can do trainn sites.
You might be joking though, so not sure.


11-04-2008 18:46:49



12-04-2008 10:42:14

Bumpity bump

$30lilililililililiFOR 1 GREEN!!!


12-04-2008 11:11:48

Please read the rules about bumping.


13-04-2008 15:38:43

Unlocked. Thanks for the apology. Be more careful and make sure you know the rules.


14-04-2008 11:36:35

Bump, c'mon guys, $32 for 1 single green on youripodnano4free. Pm me for link. Thanks. I may even pay up front if you have a better tr than me.


14-04-2008 21:52:10

1. You were banned from FLR for spamming.
2. You are suddenly 18 after being 14. Hot damn.
3. [b3ae0d7d1e7]I said you'll pay up front if someone has a higher TR than you. Read the rules. Don't ignore me. It's not MAY it's WILL.[/b3ae0d7d1e7]

Grab a fruit roll-up out of your mom's pantry and go spend 5 minutes reading the rules.