I need this done NOW!! $40 for trainn!!!!! Last Spot!!!!

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08-04-2008 21:54:53

This has gone on for months. I need this finished. Here it is

$40 for desktopcomputersforfree.com. This is a 1 offer for a green site.

At this rate I will only payout on approval, however, I will be submitting for approval as soon as I have the green so it could be as short as 1 week.

PM me, and I'll get this going.

lilililili This is still open lilililili

PM Me today


10-04-2008 16:40:15

pm sent


11-04-2008 14:33:51

if you have some sites that are one credit and i can do one offer to go green on them then im ready to go green for you send it to me i need money in my pay pal account today. I need sites that i can do one offer on and go green so i want waste any offers


11-04-2008 18:01:54

sorry i have a pm cap and cant pm you but go ahead and set up the trade


13-04-2008 11:30:30