EASY EASY to go green everyone welcome!!

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05-04-2008 11:18:19

Hey everyone, thanks to the community I have gained a strong grasp on how this all works and as way to give back my thanks, I have some sites that I will be willing to pay for going green and staying green [b8f6b2d036d]WITH BONUSES[/b8f6b2d036d]! My sites include


I have more if people want to continue to work with me. Now time to talk about the good stuff….

I will pay $10 for completing [b8f6b2d036d]1 credit[/b8f6b2d036d] for any of the 2 sites I have listed. This is an [b8f6b2d036d]EASY $20[/b8f6b2d036d]! If you need advice on which offers to do I can help. Now that’s not it [b8f6b2d036d]BONUSES INCLUDE[/b8f6b2d036d]

- First 10 to reply to this thread will get a [b8f6b2d036d]$3 bonus[/b8f6b2d036d] after they go green for 1 credit on 1 site only
- Going green and staying green after 24hours will allow you to receive a [b8f6b2d036d]$2 bonus[/b8f6b2d036d]
- Completing 1 credit and going green for all 4 of my sites will be paid an [b8f6b2d036d]extra $5[/b8f6b2d036d]

In order to make this newbie friendly, hassle-free, and benefiting to all, I am online and available to help anyone. I will assist everyone ASAP. Now to do this I have to set up some simple [b8f6b2d036d]instructions[/b8f6b2d036d]

- If interested, reply to this thread or PM me.
- Please include which sites you want go green on and be clear.
- After you go green please send me your paypal so I can pay you.
- I will answer all replies/PM’s as long as they are “read-able”
- Bonuses are a one time pay out, with a total of $10 (assuming the person gets all three) after completing 1 credit and going green.

After our transaction is complete you will have the option to work with me again or I can tell you how to stay green! I am easy going and not a hassle at all. That’s it! ☺ [b8f6b2d036d]SHALL WE NOW PROCEED TO MAKE SOME MONEY?![/b8f6b2d036d]