Looking To Pay You Up Front!!!! for an easy trainn site!

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04-04-2008 13:02:30

Hey, Its pretty simple, Im in need of some greens on customorderthis.com and yourps34free.com I will pay half up front, and half once you go green. If your tr if really high, I may do all of it upfront, as long as your trustworthy. Please pm me, and tell me which site you'd like to do. Im paying $25 a site. If you do both sites, Ill up the pay to $28 a site. So... Do both and I pay you $56, otherwise $25 a piece. Thanks guys![/sizefeb3ab12e7][/colorfeb3ab12e7]


04-04-2008 15:44:33

Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Maybe you should spend some time reading the rules and telling me how it does work. We'll fix up your thread after that. ;)