$$$ Paying $20 - $125 Various sites $$$

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03-04-2008 20:35:50

Looking for reliable referrals to help me complete these sites.
[u02067ab454]Pm me, if you are interested in going green on any of these sites and I will give you my referral link[/u02067ab454].
Bonuses may be available for some of these sites for certain conditions.
If you decide to complete any of these, you must contact me at least every 48 hours until green or you may not be paid.[/color02067ab454] [/size02067ab454]

$20[/color02067ab454] http//www.YourFreeiPhone.com[/color02067ab454] 1 credit [/color02067ab454]
$20[/color02067ab454] http//www.YourFreeFlatscreen.com [/color02067ab454]1 credit[/color02067ab454]
$20[/color02067ab454] http//www.YourPS34free.com[/color02067ab454] 1 credit [/color02067ab454]
$35[/color02067ab454] http//www.bigcashout.wish4free.com[/color02067ab454] 1 credit[/color02067ab454]
$35[/color02067ab454] http//www.hd.free4me.net[/color02067ab454] 1 credit[/color02067ab454]
$60[/color02067ab454] http//www.sony.v-bux.com[/color02067ab454] 1 credit [/color02067ab454]
$100[/color02067ab454] http//www.DuctTapedBundles.Git-R-Free.com[/color02067ab454] 4 credits[/color02067ab454]
$120[/color02067ab454] http//www.MakeRHappy.Git-R-Free.com[/color02067ab454] 5 credits [/color02067ab454]

DIY site; Simple to do[/color02067ab454]
$125[/color02067ab454] http//www.plasmatv4free.com[/color02067ab454] 12 credits[/color02067ab454]
$65 paid upon initial completion, with the balance of $60 paid upon certification of completion.....$25 bonus if completed in 24 hours, to be paid upon certification of completion also[/color02067ab454][/color02067ab454]


04-04-2008 21:23:46

arrow [b119b7f031e]Okay, if you dont like what I'm paying, make me an offer ?????????[/size119b7f031e] [/b119b7f031e][/color119b7f031e] stun


04-04-2008 22:48:39

pmed ) D