Will Pay you UPFRONT IF YOU GREEN for me on ps34free

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01-04-2008 12:47:44

Hey guys Im looking to complete my next TRAINN site. It is yourps34free.com

I already have 2/8 greens, and am trying to get the rest. Im paying $25, could pay more, (up to $30), Im going to try this out, I did this with someone else, I will pay half of your green upfront, then once you go green, Ill complete the payment. That way you cant get scammed. Thanks for looking. You can Reach me on AIM at austinhagerty or Just pm me for my link.[/size4f7039c4e7][/color4f7039c4e7]


01-04-2008 12:54:59

You're not allowed to reference TR on other forums. Please edit that part out. Thanks. )


01-04-2008 14:52:57

Took care of it, sorry, Kind of new to this forum. Wont happen again chief!


02-04-2008 19:17:52

Bump it up!


03-04-2008 17:02:27

BUMP! Guys Update, Im paying UPFRONT! Just pm me please for link.


03-04-2008 23:08:25

Please wait at least 24 hours before bumping. I'll tolerate ~23 but no more.