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29-03-2008 15:45:39

Hey guys, welcome to my thread! First off I'd like to say I have +29 TR as of now on A4F, check my username on there, SC10E. Now! I'm paying great money for my sites listed. Just PM or IM (see signature) to set up a trade!

0 TR members, always paid on approval.

My Rates

$40 Per Ref site - $25
$50 Per Ref site - $30
$60 Per Ref site - $40
$80 Per Ref site - $55
$100 Per Ref site - $65
TRAINN - We Discuss the pay.

[b998f07920a]Cashout.Wish4Free.com[/b998f07920a] - [b998f07920a][u998f07920a]3 Pages[/u998f07920a] [/b998f07920a]of instant offers! 1 Ref cashouts! Repeatable, Green forever! $25 Payment on green.

[b998f07920a]ZeroPriceTags.com[/b998f07920a] - Repeatable, Green Forever! Great, easy 1 credit site! $25 Payment on green.

[b998f07920a]Phones.ZeroPriceTags.com[/b998f07920a] - Repeatable, Green forever! ZeroPriceTags ease, with Cellular Rewards! Paypal also! $25 Payment on green.

[b998f07920a]AllForOne.YourGiftsFree.com[/b998f07920a] - Repeatable, green forever! 2 Credit site offers [b998f07920a]$100 [/b998f07920a]per referral! 2 Credits? No Problem! Green for about $5! Paying $65 on APPROVAL (same day) Unless you have about or a higher TR than me.

[u998f07920a][b998f07920a]ANY[/b998f07920a][/u998f07920a] GIFTORB SITE! (Repeatable for active members) $25 payment on green.



30-03-2008 07:47:33