Yeah but, no but, yeah but, no but, yeah but, no but, yeah

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29-03-2008 13:38:44

Trade with a site [b4f8a7e9016]Administrator[/b4f8a7e9016][/color4f8a7e9016]; Get [b4f8a7e9016]paid[/color4f8a7e9016][/b4f8a7e9016], get the same in [b4f8a7e9016]+karma[/color4f8a7e9016][/b4f8a7e9016], increase your TR, get a free signed copy of my profile picture and have my love for eternity!

I'm getting back into trading after a long absence and I need some [b4f8a7e9016]greens[/color4f8a7e9016][/b4f8a7e9016] on


I'm paying [b4f8a7e9016]$22[/color4f8a7e9016][/b4f8a7e9016] for each [b4f8a7e9016]green[/color4f8a7e9016][/b4f8a7e9016], plus I'll throw in [b4f8a7e9016]+22 karma[/color4f8a7e9016][/b4f8a7e9016] as well as the [b4f8a7e9016]+1TR[/b4f8a7e9016][/color4f8a7e9016] for trading with me and I'll send you a [b4f8a7e9016]signed copy[/color4f8a7e9016][/b4f8a7e9016] of my profile picture too!

If you're interested, PM me! D


30-03-2008 10:58:33

Life has been unfaithful
And it all promised so so much
I am a relic
I am just a petrified cry
Wheeled out once a year, a cenotaph souvenir
The applause nails down my silence


31-03-2008 09:04:45

So look up, take it away
Don't look da-da-da-down
The mountain
If the world isn't turning
Your heart won't return
Anyone, anything, anyhow
So take me, don't leave me
Take me, don't leave me
Baby, love will come through
It's just waiting for you