would you like to make some easy cash, over and over?

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17-03-2008 06:20:30

Here is the one you can make a $100 on and it can be done over and over again.

These are some easy sites to do, and remember all sites pay when you go green on a site via paypal. So let me know which ones you want to do and i will set up the trade for you. The referral link will be in the trade.

[url=http//50.expressbux.com this site pays $25 for a 1 credit green

[url=http//www.cash.customorderthis.com $25 for a 1 credit green

[url=http//bigcashout.wish4free.com $30 for 1credit

please pm me with a reply, it is quicker for both of us and we can get the trade going quicker, remember i am an experienced trader and can help you all the way through a trade. Newbie friendly too, love answering questions.



23-03-2008 12:20:24

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24-03-2008 08:27:10

Hi, I am interested in doing the Platinum Wishforfree site you talk about. Could you explain to me how it can be done over and over again. But either way I would like to do it if you want to go ahead and send me your link.

Thank you.



24-03-2008 11:57:12

Locked. PM me and tell me what rule you broke and I'll unlock it.