Earn $13-$100 for very very easy 1 Green..Highest Payout

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16-03-2008 17:10:47


Here are the lists of my websites that I am trying to get done.

I will pay instantly when a user goes green

I will also pay money upfront to user with TR higher than 25 ( The user will pay me full refund if he/she goes red)

Please PM me if you have any questions.

$13 - http//quickerneasier.v-bux.com/?id=4343

$30 - http//quickneasy.v-bux.com/?id=4264

$48- http//logitech.v-bux.com/?id=5363

$60 - http//bose.v-bux.com/?id=6841

$60 - http//apple.v-bux.com/?id=9896

$85- http//dell.v-bux.com/?id=11042

$85- http//sony.v-bux.com/?id=11595

$85- http//christmas.v-bux.com/?id=2581

$100 - http//highrollers.v-bux.com/index.php?id=3813

If you are interested in any of the above links, PM me and we will setup a trade.



16-03-2008 18:20:10

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