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15-03-2008 17:23:57

[b55c3c5c730][u55c3c5c730]Hi and thanks for checking out my Trade Thread![/size55c3c5c730][/u55c3c5c730][/b55c3c5c730]

I've made a LOT of money with this! You can too and we'll do it all stress free!!

A little about me....I started off February '07 looking to make some cash so I can stay home with my 3 wonderful children. The hubby said this was just another scam but boy did I prove him wrong! He doesn't bother me about being on the computer so much anymore

SO here's the deal people, start by choosing a site you'd be interested in and shoot me a pm or post a reply here letting me know. I'm on everyday, so I will answer quickly don't worry. If you have Instant Messenger, we can hook up that way for LIVE SUPPORT.[/color55c3c5c730]

[b55c3c5c730]Here's what I'm working on now[/color55c3c5c730][/b55c3c5c730]

[b55c3c5c730]$25 NEW TRAINN SITE! YourGiftCards4free - 8 refs
you don't get easier than this 1 offer to go green!
$20 Zeropricetags - unlimited

- fast crediting, awesome support!
$20-40 Git-R-Free- unlimited

-over 500 offers to choose from here!
-$20 for the 1 credit sites, $40 for the 2 credit site

$20 LCDMonster - 5 refs

-credits very well!

$30 RocketBills - 7 refs

-credit well, great support!

[b55c3c5c730]li I have other choices if you've done these already...just ask me!

li I pay on Green!

li I offer bonuses for doing more than 2 sites.

I am trustworthy, reliable and paypal verified.... I expect you to be the same. I will answer all pm's promptly and rest assured that by trading with me, you will be in good hands. Let's get these done !!![/color55c3c5c730][/b55c3c5c730]