Go Green Easy. Paying $25-$30-$35-$45 on Green-easy sites.

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Hi, I want to welcome you to the world of trading. Do you need some extra cash and someone to help you every step of the way? Than you are in the right place! I have many EZ sites to choose from and pay on Green. If interested, just post here and PM me and I will send you the referral link(s).

[ba9e22e8488]I am very easy to work with and am online most of the day, usually from about 800am to 1100pm EST. [/ba9e22e8488]

[ba9e22e8488][ua9e22e8488]IMPORTANT[/ua9e22e8488][/ba9e22e8488] Please do not sign up thru these links below. PM me for my referral link to get paid for Green.

[ba9e22e8488][ua9e22e8488]1 credit sites[/ua9e22e8488][/ba9e22e8488]

[ba9e22e8488]Paying $25[/ba9e22e8488]

[ba9e22e8488]Paying $25[/ba9e22e8488]

[ba9e22e8488]Paying $30[/ba9e22e8488]

[ba9e22e8488]Paying $35[/ba9e22e8488]

[ba9e22e8488]Paying $45[/ba9e22e8488]

[ba9e22e8488]Paying $45 [/ba9e22e8488]

You must complete enough offers to equal 1 Credit. Typically 1-3 Totalling. Make sure you clear your cookies PRIOR to the completion of EACH offer.

I am honest, reliable, and very easy to work with. Always paying on Green and willing to help newbies get off a good start. Please post here and send me a message. Feel free to contact me.

[ua9e22e8488][ba9e22e8488]The Real Cost of Doing Offers [/ba9e22e8488][/ua9e22e8488]

Many people have asked how can this be profitable by doing offers that cost more than your being paid to complete the site. Let's say you spend $50 at a site that pays $120 for 3 referrals ($40 per ref) and you green for $20. So you've spent $30 and received something (whatever you signed up for).Now when you get 2 referrals, you'll get enough to more than break even, and every ref from then on will be profit... If you're spending $20 a month on your products, then one ref a month will pay for it.

[ba9e22e8488][ua9e22e8488]Brief Guidelines [/ua9e22e8488][/ba9e22e8488]

-You cannot use AOL, a publicly shared computer, or a proxy to complete offers.
Check for proxy here.

-Internet explorer 7 has been shown to cause crediting problems when completing offers. Try using either IE6 or Firefox Firefox

-Set your computer to accept all cookies.

-Clear your cookies and files
-Make sure that the pop-up blocker is off.
-Register as a new user making sure my referral number is there and complete the registration process. Using your real informaion and phone number. If you are new to the site but not the network, just extend your membership as existing member.

-Go to the offers page and look through the offers that interest you and make sure to read the terms and conditions. I write phone numbers and trial periods and cash needed. I also save into a folder on my hard drive.

-Decide which you would like to complete.
Log out and clear your cookies and files and refresh. I go one step further, when using internet explorer and click start, find files, type in cookies and there should be a really large file full of cookies that don't get deleted somehow. I go through and delete those that I don't need except index.dat. I leave this open while doing the offers and can see the cookies for that offer. If the cookie doesn't appear, I start over with the previous step until it does. Firefox has a selection as well that you leave open and can view cookies while working Click tools, options, show cookies.

Log back in.

Now, click the offer, and wait for the offer website page to completely load (the flag at the top right should not be moving, and in the bottom left bar it should say "Done"). Don't close any popups. Follow the steps to complete you offer, using your real information. They check and if you falsefy your information, you will not receive your credit, or you will go red for fraud and be banned on that network and on the forum site you are working on, as well as owing money to the trader you were working with if they already paid you for your green.

After completing the offer stay on the confirmation page for several minutes. Donít do anything else online during this time. You want to give the cookie time to track properly and not to do anything that will interfere with this process. I spend this time taking notes about the offer, when to cancel, ect.

Once those minutes are up, close the window of the confirmation page which should take you back to the list of offers.

Continue until you have completed enough offers for the amounts of credits needed.

Keep all emails that you receive from the offers you complete. Both confirmation and cancellation ones.

Some offers may credit instantly, some may take a day or longer. Instant may mean a few hours.

To avoid going RED do not sign up for the same sight more than once and do not complete the same offer more than once even if it is on a different site. Donít cancel the offers too quickly; 1-2 days before the trial period is over is fine.

[ba9e22e8488][ua9e22e8488]Helpful Info[/ua9e22e8488][/ba9e22e8488]

1 Before logging into a site, ALWAYS clear your cookies. This is the MAIN problem regarding not getting credit. If you have not cleared your cookies and you have clicked the offer elsewhere you will get credit there instead.
2 ALWAYS use Internet Explorer or Firefox. Other browsers have known issues with crediting.
3 BEOFRE YOU LOGIN make sure your cookies are on the lowest security setting this accepts them all.
4 DISABLE ANY antivirus, spyware, firewalls, or ad checking software before logging in. A lot of people don't realize that these programs can either interfere with the cookies that make an offer track, or they can block offer tracking.
5 WAIT on the confirmation page for a minute or two and make sure EVERYTHING loads. Many times the crediting aspect of the sale takes place on the confirmation page of your order, so if you x out too quickly you WON'T get credit.


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I would like to do desktopmonster for u


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I am honest, reliable, and very easy to work with. Always paying on Green and willing to help newbies get off a good start. Please post here and send me a message. Feel free to contact me.


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