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12-03-2008 10:44:39

Serious traders only, there is a $5 bonus for (each) fast green (48 hours), and $5 bonus for EACH additional site

V-Bux of site ref payout OBO They allow custom orders ;)
$10 http//www.lucrocash.com/ video games/paypal
$20 http//www.lucrocash.com/ ipods, video games, and paypal
$40 http//www.lucrocash.com/ ipods, macbooks, macpro, imac, mac mini,paypal
$50 http//www.lucrocash.com/ TV, ipods, monitor
$50 http//www.lucrocash.com/ TVs, monitor, PC, laptop, and xbox 360, paypal
$60 http//www.lucrocash.com/ TV, ipod, laptop, paypal
$30 http//www.lucrocash.com/ headsets, keyboards, mouse, speakers, paypal, and such
$50 http//www.lucrocash.com/ laptop, PC, monitor TVs, video camera, PSP, PS3, and paypal
$40 http//www.lucrocash.com/ bose speakers, paypal


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12-03-2008 11:49:35

a.) You posted ref links which is strictly prohibited.
b.) You bumped your thread after 4 minutes (again against the rules but also a new record).
c.) You posted referencing your Trade Record on another site.
d.) You didn't read the rules.
e.) Yup.
f.) You can now no longer create a new trade thread for another five days and if you do, you will be banned.