$25 Cash Bonus ask me for Details and Paying $30 for ZPT

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09-03-2008 18:20:51

Welcome to the New and Improved FIPG !

Help me win Zeropricetags new promotion I am paying $30 for anyone who can green on ZPT !

$5 Bonus for anyone who can green for the next two days !
Ok all here are the sites that I am paying on I will be updating regularly so if you can do a site just send me a Pm of what site you want to do and Iíll be glad to set up the trade all payment will be sent to you by verified Paypal . I have a perfect TR and there are no games . Please make sure you keep in contact with me as well if you say your going to do a site and the site is no confirmed in less than 24hrs then the trade will be cancelled also you are expected to make a fast green meaning please do not take two weeks . I also if you do any two sites below Iíll give you a $5 Bonus If you do four sites I will give you a $15 Bonus .
http//50.hotgifts4you.com/viewoffers.php $25 on Green 1 Credit

http//www.zeropricetags.com/view_offers.php $30 on Green 1 Credit

http//www.freebies4me.net/viewoffers.php $48 on Green $50 if Instant

http//www.allforone.yourgiftsfree.com/offers.php $50 on Green Two Credits

http//www.customorderthis.com/viewoffers.php $25 on Green 1 Credit

http//prizecarnival.com/offers.php $21 on Green 1 Credit

http//cash.thefreespree.com/viewoffers.php $20 on Green

http//displays.123stuffforfree.com/viewoffers.php $18 on Green

http//entertainment.free4every1.com/offerlist.php $6 on Green no credit card

http//nocreditcard.yourgiftsfree.com/offers.php $6 on Green 1 Credit

http//100.customorderthis.com/viewoffers.php $50 on Green Two Credits

Gaming.Free4Me.net $23 on Green 1 Credit

250.Free4Me.net $23 on Green 1 Credit

iPods.Free4Me.net $23 on Green 1 Credit


Free4me Offers Only

Offer List
Offer Credit
12-in-1 1/2 credit
Advantage Language II 1/2 credit
Bidz.com 1/2 credit
Book of the Month Club 1/2 credit
Cafe Vivo 1/2 credit
Childrens Book-of-the-Month Little Wonders 1/2 credit
Classic Wine Selections 1/2 credit
Columbia House DVD 1/2 credit
Comcast 1/2 credit
Dermacia 1/2 credit
Diet-To-Go 1 credit
Double Day Book Club 1/2 credit
Duplicate Poker 1 credit
eAuction Tutor 1/2 credit
Ebay 1/2 credit
Five Factor Diet 1 credit
Four Seasons Wine 1 credit
FreeCreditReport.com 1/2 credit
Globe Juvenile Insurance 1/2 credit
Google Home Business Kit 1/2 credit
How to Make Money on eBay 1/2 credit
Ivory Teeth Whitening 1/2 credit
Jillian Michaels Weight Loss 1 credit
Lasseters Casino 1 credit
Life Lock 1/2 credit
Netflix 1/2 credit
Nutrisystem 1 credit
People PC 1 credit
Poster Pass 1/2 credit
Quality Paperback Books 1/2 credit
RealtyStore 1/2 credit
Rising Star 1/2 credit
Satellite TV For PC 1/2 credit
Shopping Essentials 1/2 credit
South Beach Diet 1 credit
The Good Cook 1/2 credit
The Mystery Guild 1/2 credit

Zooba 1/2 credit

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding this Topic

Why didn't I get Credit for the offer I did?

There are many factors that come into play when getting credit from an offer, some of the reasons why a credit doesn't come through could be

- You've previously done the offer before (only do each offer once)
- Your Cookie Settings are incorrect.
- You have Software Preventing Cookies from being placed correctly (Virus/Spyware Protection/Firewall)
- You Didn't Clear Your Cookies before doing the offer
- Your Form of Payment didn't have the necessary funds available to cover all the cost (Processing + Shipping)
- You used a Pre-Paid Credit Card (Most Advertisers do not support these, and will revoke leads when these are used)
- You traveled away from the landing page that the offer click took you to
- You provided fraudulent (or fake) information
- You Did not let the website load completely (make sure all pages finish loading, before closing the page)
- The publisher that the offer is run through had problems (rarely the cause)
- You Do NOT meet the Eligibility for the offer (Residency, Age)
- You Did NOT fulfill the requirements of the offer
(Signing up for a specific level of service, Length of Service, etc.)
- If the IP Address (address given to your computer/network from your Internet Service Provider) you accessed the offer from has been credited for the offer previously on another site, this would cause a non-credit.

Important Note Even if you have the confirmation email, were charged successfully, and have already received your product, if any of the above factors took place, you many not receive credit.

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1. Select "Tools" > "Internet Options" > "General" again.
2. Under the heading "Temporary Internet files," click on "Delete Cookies..."
3. Click "OK" for the "Delete all cookies in the Temporary Internet Files folder?" prompt.
4. Click "OK" to exit.


1. Click on "Tools" > "Internet Options" > "General" again.
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3. Under the heading "Cookies," click on "Delete cookies..."
4. Click "Yes" for the "Delete all cookies in the Temporary Internet Files folder?" prompt.
5. Click "Close" to exit.

Firefox 1.5 or earlier

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3. Click on "Cookies" > "Clear."
4. Select "OK" to exit.

Firefox 2.0

1. Click on "Tools" > "Options" > "Privacy."
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3. Click "OK" to exit.

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3. Click OK.

Safari 2.x

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2. Click Security.
3. Click Show Cookies.
4. Click Remove All.



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i wanna do a tr
reply if u are on


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miss edie

15-03-2008 18:43:09

lots of good info here,awesome job!!
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Following the proper bumping rules D


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31-03-2008 13:57:35

This guy is a total rip off. I have been waiting to get paid from this guy for over 3 weeks. At first he told me it was a paypal problem but I still havent gotten paid. After a while of me checking in he just blew me off and hasnt responded. Whatever you do, dont do any trades with this guy!


07-04-2008 13:57:12

he owed me $50 for sticky at FLR and now he stopped responding.


07-04-2008 14:00:34

so why bump his thread? (last post was 3 minutes ago, i don't feel bad)