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29-08-2008 11:07:32

shock im total new 2 this can some help me out and tell me where i should start at.


29-08-2008 12:24:23

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Pls take a moment of your time to go through the forum.

There are rule and guidelines for newbies like you. First step is READ. )

Good luck!


29-08-2008 15:16:40

thanks 4 info


01-09-2008 18:33:05

Hi there and welcome abord.
I guess best would be to start reading the rules and then ask questions around. There are bunch of wonderful people willing to help you succeed here. I would be one of them.

Good luck around!


27-01-2009 16:49:50

Hello, I see that you seem to be confused about what to do, as well as myself. Maybe somone helped you and you now know what to do, because I just joined and have NO IDEA what to do? I signed up for "data entry" and thought I would be typing up letter and this whole thing is like another language to me. What am I supposed to do? How do I get started? I read all the "getting started" and "beginners read this first" pages but I still don't know exactly what I am doing. I'm lost!


23-04-2009 09:44:07

welcome, let me know if you need any help as well.