what sites are good for canada?

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21-08-2008 23:19:28

i dont use these 4free sites all that much (signed up on two of the worst sites - freeipods and get4friends - so dont have the best experience) but now that im checking these sites after a while things seem to have changed a lot ie gotten much harder. most sites need more than one offer done now etc.

can someone suggest a site for me to do which would be easy to do IN CANADA? most offers on websites are for the US. also are there any good offers out now? most seem to be charging, back in the day there used to be ones w/ free trials and you could get away for free if you cancelled in time. im not seeing any of them now.



22-08-2008 10:40:51

i am canadian i have found a couple sites that were simple to do like easy.macrobucks.com


23-08-2008 12:44:12

hi this is a great site for people in canada



23-08-2008 20:35:27

Hi there,

There are few sites that have enough offers for Canadians to green. Here are some of them that I know


Also there are all trainn sites where you can find at least 2 offers to green.

Hope this help you. I also have a list of offers that I know are available to Canadians, but I do not know if I am allow to post it somewhere or where I can post it.
Good luck!