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06-07-2008 08:17:14

How come no one goes by this anymore?

I was looking around the other day, and all these n00bs say they'll pay on green. Right. If you have 0 TR and you want me to be your ref, you'll be paying me up front. Kthx. I have let a few pay after I green, just because you can pretty much tell if someone is a scammer or not. But if you're a newb with 0TR, no avatar, no post count and nothing else that gives me some semblance of an idea of how credible you are, why do you think I'm going to not use that rule that was put in place to protect people?

Come on now. Use yo' noggins


07-07-2008 09:20:21

[quotecd0e9b8f7d="TravMan162"]I have let a few pay after I green, just because you can pretty much tell if someone is a scammer or not.[/quotecd0e9b8f7d]

Awwww you're such a pushover trav. ;)

Anyway, I know it's pretty annoying. It's even more annoying to type it out explaining to them the rules. Just report them when you see it and a mod will take care of it. )


07-07-2008 09:24:54

The TR rule is more of a defacto guideline, and is not immutable -- if two people want to agree to pay up front regardless of TR, then it's their business. However, you do so at your own risk and the staff here will not be coming to your aid when you get screwed. Just like the guideline to use the Trade Module. We can't force you to use it for all your trades, but if you don't, you're on your own. Don't come whining to the forum or the staff about how you got scammed.

So people can ask for payment up front if they wish, we're not going to sanction them for it. But it doesn't hurt to politely remind them that nobody is likely to go for it unless it's another n00b -- in which case neither will likely receive credit, nor will they have any recourse through FiPG should they get screwed.


07-07-2008 09:28:45

That sounds fair enough. A lot of the times I just get a little annoyed because it seems like they just haven't taken the time to read the rules. But sure, I guess I'll just remind them from now on that they'll be on their own of they decide to trade that way.