What you can post regarding your credibility.

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05-06-2008 13:32:10

This announcement will be up for a while then later on it'll be occasionally bumped. In fact, feel free to bump it with links to people who are saying they're PPD Mentors so we can all giggle at them until they change it. Aaaaaanyway...

[ba76d191a6e]What you [ua76d191a6e]can[/ua76d191a6e][/colora76d191a6e] post regarding your credibility ----

- Your TR on this site.
- The sites you've completed, dollar value of free stuff received, free stuff received, etc.
- You can say you're an experienced trader if you wish. I have no idea if you're being honest or not but you will be judged by the great Flying Spaghetti Monster when your time comes and I know for a fact that he doesn't like noobs saying that they have skills.
- Pretty much anything of the nature above that I haven't thought of.
- You can post about being Paypal Verified if you wish to.

What you [ua76d191a6e]can't[/ua76d191a6e][/colora76d191a6e] post regarding your credibility ----

- Your TR on other sites. It has nothing to do with your TR here.
- PPD Mentor or anything of the sort.
- Anything else to do with other sites that you may use to try to artificially inflate your credibility here.[/ba76d191a6e]

The bottom line is, you are only credible here for what you do here. So don't go posting about how you're this and that on other sites because a) we aren't going to go check and confirm it and b) different sites have different standards. The rules will be clarified shortly. Feel free to ask questions. If other mods have anything to say then go for it. )


06-06-2008 12:37:00

Thanks for the clarification!!


15-06-2008 11:42:59

Thanks for the info. It was helpful.


17-06-2008 09:00:48

Thanks for this information! This is my first time to this forum and I'm reading up on the rules - each forum is so different!


17-06-2008 11:50:26

[quote402d8adc89="adylisa"]Thanks for the info. It was helpful.[/quote402d8adc89]
The irony of your sig banners is not lost on me.

Speaking of which, remove the reflinks from both ASAP, and please re-read the rules that you agreed to upon joining here. Namely, the no reflinks rule is a biggie.


12-07-2008 20:01:17

Can PayPal verified seal be placed on signature or thread?
You will not verify PPD mentoring, so why do not allow any trader to do that on his/her own? PPD mentoring is earned title, and easy to verify.
By the way, Project Per Day recomends to trade on your site, so why do not return a favor?




13-07-2008 20:11:27

I suppose posting a Paypal Verified seal is fine. You use that along with this site and maybe someone might find that information useful to them. As far as PPD goes, you'll have to have some other mod answer that as I'm not in charge of that area.


05-08-2008 11:54:05

Moved over here instead of being buried by the Cash section because people need to see it.