Don't Reference Your TR on Other Sites

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13-04-2008 16:30:40

I've seen a lot of people doing this lately. Remember the rules ---

[quotef56de7fff4="da rules"]2. Referencing reputation on another site. Since nobody here regulates what those sites do, we cannot take these numbers seriously. As such, do not post referencing them.[/quotef56de7fff4]

If you see someone disobeying this rule, report him/her.


13-04-2008 17:08:22

i'm on it ;)


14-04-2008 10:31:19

How about references to being a PPD Mentor? I see that in a lot of threads/sigs.


14-04-2008 19:56:18

Thank you my faithful minions (top 2 reporters heh). PPD Mentor? I don't even know what that is.


15-04-2008 07:11:40

PPD = Project PayDay = FLR


15-04-2008 18:50:14

There are actual certified PPD Mentors? LOL

How hard is this stuff? People need guides? I always laugh when people say they offer training. lol


09-05-2008 14:33:50

[quote3e77ba7568="J4320"]Thank you my faithful minions (top 2 reporters heh)[/quote3e77ba7568]

update plz?