The Newbie's Guide to Trading - VERY IMPORTANT

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25-04-2005 17:45:58

If you're just starting on trading, its important that you know how things work around here.

Head on over to the announcements forum and read all the topics

Pay special attention to the rules (there are special ones for newbies). We are reasonable people but we have little patience for people who cannot read.

Also, since you have to use the trade module to get credit now, read Peksim's excellent tutorial http//

Here are some valuable tips courtesy of forum members [b7b3eba4b13]kposse77[/b7b3eba4b13] and [b7b3eba4b13]slease[/b7b3eba4b13]

[quote7b3eba4b13="kposse77"]Hope the mods don't mind if I put this in here, but I have found over the last week since I've joined the trading post that there are quite a few people who will jump all over fresh meat in a most unscrupulous manner and felt that there may be something good that could come from my experiences if at least someone learned from them.[/quote7b3eba4b13]

[list7b3eba4b13][b7b3eba4b13]When agreeing to a trade, always ask to see what offers your trading partner has available.[/b7b3eba4b13] There are times when the person you are trading with are either unaware or choose not to let you know that they only have offers where you have to shell out $40 up front and will openly offer trades with you when you have free/s&h only offers available. That is clearly not an even trade![/listu7b3eba4b13]
[list7b3eba4b13][b7b3eba4b13]Be weary of anyone asking you to complete an offer for immediate credit who then offers to complete one for immediate credit once you turn green.[/b7b3eba4b13] An unfortunate side effect of the TR system, which in general is helpful, is that people that have a higher TR rating get to wait for you to go green first. Although I'm sure there are people out there that make this offer and then reciprocate immediately, I personally have been burned (user name here pending credit showing up eventually or not).[/listu7b3eba4b13]
[list7b3eba4b13][b7b3eba4b13]TR should be a guide, not a strict gauge of character.[/b7b3eba4b13] Use common sense here. If a person is pming or iming you and trying to rush you or is overall a jackass, you may want to tread carefully.[/listu7b3eba4b13]
[list7b3eba4b13][b7b3eba4b13]Always ask for user name and insist on that person to initiate a trade through the system.[/b7b3eba4b13] Again, not foolproof, but it does provide a little coverage. Never assume that someone iming you with a username from the board is that person until you receive a trade request through the system.[/listu7b3eba4b13]
[list7b3eba4b13][b7b3eba4b13]You have more power than you think. Use it wisely.[/b7b3eba4b13] Yes it's cliche, but if you're truly a newbie and you haven't signed up for too many sites, you're got a lot of cards in your hand. There are ALWAYS more people looking for that last referral than there are people who haven't signed up for a site yet. My advice would be to put your floater out there and see what comes in. Your first impulse will probably be, "Hey I can get 5 referrals in an hour! This is awesome!" The reality is that it can be a slow process and you need to be patient.[/listu7b3eba4b13]
[list7b3eba4b13][b7b3eba4b13]Don't pay with paypal if you have to go first.[/b7b3eba4b13] Everyone loses money this way. If you are a newb, use your trades before you open your wallet. You should be able to do about 20 trades easily before you start running low on offers. By then your TR will be high enough that if you want to pay for trades you can.[/listu7b3eba4b13]

[list7b3eba4b13][b7b3eba4b13]Keep track of everything![/b7b3eba4b13] You can not be too meticulous. Keep track of who you traded with, what offer you did, how long the offer took to go green, how long you have to try out the product before you get charged for it... anything else you can think of. Some people use excel, some people use word or notepad, some people use the notes section of this site.[/listu7b3eba4b13]

[list7b3eba4b13][b7b3eba4b13]Read the Terms and Conditions for every offer for which you sign up.[/b7b3eba4b13] Just do this.[/listu7b3eba4b13]


13-01-2007 12:10:03

Everyone should read this!!!!


13-01-2007 14:49:55

That tip on trading to boost Tr befor dishin out cash is good


14-01-2007 05:30:33

Excellent information to have.


16-01-2007 04:28:54

I have read it - thank you very much


16-01-2007 10:12:15

hi there- just joined, first post and all -- good info here on what to do/ what NOT to do - - - tks!!!

17-01-2007 17:54:38

just started and it sounds like a lot of sound advice thanks.


18-01-2007 11:59:14

Thanks for the good info.


18-01-2007 17:47:10

Thanks for the information, have never traded before, but will see what I can do. Your information is understandable.


18-01-2007 18:46:00

I'm new to this thanks for all the helpful tips. Good luck to all the other newbees


19-01-2007 08:31:44

Great Stuff. Hope to make lots of great trades!


21-01-2007 13:16:38

newbie thanks for the start!!


21-01-2007 17:17:47

This is a very interesting site. Very helpful info.


22-01-2007 10:10:53

thanks for the heads up!

The Green Hornet

22-01-2007 10:14:51

Another Newbie here. This looks like fun; hope we all get the hang of it quickly. And profit too! lol


22-01-2007 20:16:23

D Thank you so much, this was very helpful. Can't wait to get started with the trades.


24-01-2007 15:23:11

I'm a newby and I like the guidance here, thnx )


25-01-2007 06:12:39

Thanks for all the work you moderators do - I'm new on the site (was sent by Project PayDay, if y'all keep track of that) and read most of the rules and such before I even signed up. I think I'll lurk awhile - I've been burned a lot lately . . . -)



25-01-2007 07:35:17

New to this forum, great read, a lot to digest, little overwhelm
I think i will start slowly move in to trade area

Thank you


27-01-2007 01:31:46

newbie here, read the lit. seems helpful, just want to get started with the trading


27-01-2007 07:29:42

Hi Guys,

I'm new here too. I have done the reading which is quite informative but it's a lot and overwhelming sometimes. I am confident that I will soon get the hang of it. Good job guys.



28-01-2007 01:01:49

new here.. lots of good info. thanks


29-01-2007 20:48:10

newbie, read and ready.


29-01-2007 23:03:11

read it. will keep in mind. good think to look back to time and time again.


31-01-2007 15:23:32

Like many others, I'm also new to all this. Thanks for providing the great info. I have read the rules and guidelines and excited to begin. I also appreciate the tip on exchanging trades before purchasing them. Altogether, I hope this opportunity turns out as well as I'm hoping for.

Thanks! )


02-02-2007 22:07:59

Ok what do I do next? ?


03-02-2007 02:50:57

Figure out what you want your first freebie to ipod? a tv? a gaming console? cash? etc. Once you figure that out, browse the trading post for sites that are giving away the item you want. You can probably do a search with specific keywords related to the item you want and then find people that are offering money or link exchanges for referrels. People can offer as much or as little as they want for refs so look carefully for the best deal. Everything after that is explained in the first post.

Just some important things to remember
- make sure at least you or the trader has a minimum TR of 4
- if your TR is lower then you will have to complete your end of the deal first even if you are the one paying for refs
- whenever you're in doubt ask in the help section. It's better to be safe than sorry, especially when you're dealing with money. Also, check the scammer section frequently.


03-02-2007 10:42:19

Thanks for the info.. already learned one thing the hard way and this is day 2.. ugh .. my mistake appreciate the advice


03-02-2007 13:57:25

New here ~ thanks for all the info. ~ Very excited about trading, and hoping to do well.


05-02-2007 06:55:36

I am a newbie, and this was some well needed advice. Thank you so much.


05-02-2007 11:11:55

Thanks for the info! This is my first day and I look forward to learning and completing some trades soon.


05-02-2007 14:46:24

Very helpful information. thanx alot.


05-02-2007 22:44:40

Great info!
Thanks a lot


08-02-2007 18:15:10

thanks for the info


08-02-2007 19:45:46

I'm a newb, i found these tips helpful. Thanks!


09-02-2007 06:18:10

Thank you for posting forums like this. Definately a hugh help!


10-02-2007 19:21:47

thanks for the info, i hope to do good honest trading here. Im new to this and am finding it to be interesting.


11-02-2007 11:24:01

Hi I am a newbie. Thanx for info! D


12-02-2007 13:00:45

I'm so new I'm still in the shell! Looks like lots of fun, though. I'm also not interested in acquiring greens right now, but would like to do some offers for people who are. Since I am so new I have no Karma and no TR, so I am more than willing to do offers and wait to get paid until they show. I'm not greedy or in a hurry, but I am retired and have nothing but time on my if anyone is interested, please get in touch with me.
The information on this site was really great! I learned a lot just from reading the posts! D


12-02-2007 14:50:59

one and done


12-02-2007 18:34:49

Thanks, great information. Looking forward to getting started on the right note. Will need lots of help until I get the hang of things. Seams like a lot of new comers like myself.


12-02-2007 21:42:43

wow. . information overload. . but great info. . thanks for the tips! Let's see if this works. . . I'm always the skeptic, but I do spend lots of time on the computer . . . so I thought I'd give this try )


13-02-2007 03:37:22

I appreciate the way that the mods are so helpful. I am not retired but Im in college so you know I have a my nose in the Laptop all day. looking forward to doing some trading!


13-02-2007 15:28:37

Read it, thanks for the info. Newbie here!


14-02-2007 16:00:45

Brand new here. Willing to work & wait for TR.
Let me go to work for you! Show me the way.


15-02-2007 01:03:48

I'm a newbie also. This is a great guide. Thanks for the info.


16-02-2007 04:14:47

Was very glad to see that I'm far from being the only newbie. What an amazing amount of info, exciting and a little intimidating at the same time. looking forward to getting started and would like to wish everyone the best with thier endeavors.
See you in the trenches
Excited in Oregon 8)


16-02-2007 09:26:19

i am a newbie and just starting to get my feet wet. am retired and have some time to spare.


17-02-2007 06:31:29

Thank you for all of the insightful information about getting started. I greatly appreciate your effort in helping others like myself get started in this somewhat confusing area. Armed with the knowledge of your stated experiences, I hope to have far fewer negative experiences. Thank you...I need all of the help I can get!


17-02-2007 13:12:49


Thank you so much for posting your advice and variety of experiences here for the "Newbies" to learn from.

Like many of the other posters here, I am new to the site. I look forward to getting started.

Good luck to all. )


19-02-2007 00:15:22

the info just makes sense.


19-02-2007 08:50:50

Have read the info. and there is a lot there. Am very new to any internet business ? dealings. But I am going to give this a try, hoping not to get burned.


19-02-2007 18:19:52

D Thanks for taking the time for us new ones newbies? newbabies? It is people like you who keep people like us going. I am praying I do well with this and will perservere.

God bless and thank you!!!

Anyone out there want to work with a believer?


20-02-2007 05:30:08

Nice info. Have saved it to read over again. Waiting on a trade to finish before I try again. )

It's just too bad more of the offers on these sites have aren't available to Canadians. Takes me forever to find an offer I can do.



20-02-2007 06:15:21

8) Another newbie here!!! Good advise here too. Since this is my first day I think I will just lurk around a bit.


20-02-2007 16:13:54

Thanks for the info, all help will be greatly appreciated. )


22-02-2007 06:51:27

Wow!! Lots of info to process! shock
Just signed up today!! And have a lot to learn!!
Thanks for all the hard work that you have already done!! ! D


22-02-2007 07:05:18

Lot's of great info, thanks.


22-02-2007 12:17:29

Members or Admin,

I dont quite understand the method here.I want to know what I am doing before I start. Once I sign up at a website for someone, then I need to find a certain amount of referrals? Or can I just sign up at a site and be paid for it? lol



22-02-2007 12:24:58

im new and am still getting used to this whole thing. i just want to do offers for people, where do i find them? ?


22-02-2007 12:25:45

[quotea349c2a182="jgryder76"]Members or Admin,

I dont quite understand the method here.I want to know what I am doing before I start. Once I sign up at a website for someone, then I need to find a certain amount of referrals? Or can I just sign up at a site and be paid for it? lol


if they pay you 20$ to go green, for ex, then you have to sign up and become green[/colora349c2a182] D, meaning that you need to complete 1 or more offers, but its not necessary to reffer ppl.
if you decide to do the site on your own, then you will get ppl to green for you


22-02-2007 12:38:07


Thanks for your help, that helps clear it up for me. D



22-02-2007 20:37:24

hi. quick question let's say I have just signed up at for someone and now I want to do it again to give greens to another person. Can i do that? or can i only go green at a website one time?


22-02-2007 20:40:01

one website, 1 time. one offer, 1 time, no matter which website its at



23-02-2007 09:30:58

I'm new at this, so thanks for the sound advice. Much appreciated! wink


23-02-2007 18:30:45

I am a newbie and wanted to say hi.
I hope I don't mess up to bad. I am trying to read everything first
but apologize if I mess up.


23-02-2007 21:37:53

When you're saying 1 website 1 time, does that mean that sites like bose.v-bux and sony.v-bux would be considered the same site?


24-02-2007 07:54:23

also re the offers to complete. there's several at one website that are about the same. for ex, I was at Giftmonkey and tried to sign up for Today's Escapes. But when i did, it didn't let me it said to call their customer service for verification of info or something. I noticed that it's related to a another offer on their site Passport to Fun. When you sign up, both autmatically sign u up for savingssmart also. Could this be why they wouldn't let me sign up for Today's escapes? I had already done Passport to fun. So now there are no offers left on that site that i can do. they're all somewhat realted to ones i've already done. so what do i do? i've only completed 3/4 pts at that site.


24-02-2007 08:18:23

Thank you for the information. I am really excited about doing
this! Just trying to get started on the first one, to get it under my
belt! D


25-02-2007 02:20:41

Thanks for the information. I available to help anyone who will pay to aquire greens.


25-02-2007 10:13:50

That's right trade before you hand out cash !!!!!


26-02-2007 17:55:08

Thanks for the info, so valuable for a newbie like me, I think we're all in this together.


28-02-2007 06:53:26

Im new to the site to and have done just about 3-4 full trades (2 are still pending 1 waiting on tr) Now I've probably attempted maybe 9 offers and failed at most of them (in receiving credit)

Being that I'm New i would really really appreciate a guide on "going green and keeping track"

Im not very familiar with excel oops But I heard its a good way to keep track of the sites you visit, the products you order and when the free trial expires.

if anyone has a sample of what their excel sheet looks like, I would really appreciate it (just to have an idea what i should have and what i should keep track of an what not)


28-02-2007 09:46:14

o [bd6eeb8c56d][id6eeb8c56d] 8) HEY guys I am new to the forum and trade thing. I am trying to get trade so I can bring my profile up to green but i am just trying to familiarize myself with the site and how it works.

If you know how i can speed up this process please let me know, and if you want an extra green just let me know, i am willing to trade...[/id6eeb8c56d][/bd6eeb8c56d]


28-02-2007 13:32:05

Well hello everyone yes im new and scared as heck! new things do that .


03-03-2007 22:24:16

very new, very willing to help people acquire greens, have nothing to trade yet, open to all help and suggestions offered,


04-03-2007 09:02:49

fp-work you're not very familiar with excel. There is an easier way. Use your Outlook Calendar (or there is other calendars like Google, but Outlook will give you reminders). It's easy to use. You probably already have it up checking email. So it will also flash a reminder at you when it is time to cancel something if you choose not to contiue the offer.

Good Luck


07-03-2007 16:08:55

Ditto! Great advice....look forward to starting;)

William Lackey

07-03-2007 19:08:08

I am a nubie and I goofed first thing. When asked for my name I gave my REAL NAME William Lackey instead of a sudo. I want to change this.
When I asked for help I was told I might be able to change to a sudo 1st if I have not made any trades>>which I have not.
2nd If I contact Admin and let them know what I want to do.
3rd Get the ok from Admin.
I assume this is the way to Admin.
In case the answer takes more than an hour my email is
Thankx, Bill


08-03-2007 20:33:28

i cannot log in is it something i am doing wrong or something i did wrong? i could not enable my cookie so that may be it. If not and i did something wrong cant you email me let me know so i can get on with my life Thank you very much joann


12-03-2007 09:09:48

Thanks for the good info.......... D


12-03-2007 12:16:28



12-03-2007 14:40:12

Newbie here, thank you to the admins and the ones that have been here for a while and built the karma and the trade rating. Lots to learn and read. Very anxious to get started and build that karma and traders rating, but still lots more to learn.


14-03-2007 22:26:12

Thanks for the great advice guys, appreciate it!


18-03-2007 10:59:40

hello and i am a newbie
thanks for the info

mini me's mom

23-03-2007 18:34:59

i'm a newbie as well! read the info...good stuff! if anyone has any other helpful info, i'm all ears!


25-03-2007 21:30:49

Information understood thanks


03-04-2007 14:24:30

Hi I am new to this also. Have time on my hands to learn all there is to know. Thanks for the info.


04-04-2007 08:22:57

Excellent information!

Many thanks to all the experienced members who contribute to guiding us newbies through the world of freebie trading with their accumulated wisdom.

All the info is a little overwhelming but very appreciated. I have been lurking and reading for a few days before joining, and now I am eager to really get started.

I am available to assist members who will pay for greens.


05-04-2007 13:07:16

Thanks this information is helpful looking forward to the adventure


09-04-2007 10:20:40

"If you are a newb, use your trades before you open your wallet. You should be able to do about 20 trades easily before you start running low on offers. By then your TR will be high enough that if you want to pay for trades you can."

All GREEK TO ME......running out of offers???? huh???
and why do people ask can you do such and such site, like I, as a newbie, have any clue what that means or there is no information as to the offers i have to carefully read and shell out money for and no one can possibly know unless i go to the site first and look around, i must of missed that suggestion somewhere.



09-04-2007 12:25:01

Outstanding Tips... I think I'll try them out right now D


12-04-2007 10:28:42

Hi, I'm new at this and I really want to says thanks for all the good info


12-04-2007 11:25:50

Thanks for the insight...


13-04-2007 22:20:44

I am a Newbie and I thank you for the information. It is very helpful and corresponds very well with the rules of the forum.


15-04-2007 18:31:34

Brand new Newb. I've been reading the threads and faq's, a lot of really great information. I know I'll learn a lot from this crowd. Looking forward to it!!



15-04-2007 21:39:16

Thanks! As I am a newbie I needed this. I need to read thru it several times to feel more confident to do trades. roll


20-04-2007 11:39:47

thanks Good stuff


24-04-2007 13:28:07

In a trade between myself (Bluebird) and aviendha47, I have received his TR, but he has not received my TR and Feedback. I have given him my TRand feedback, but it doesn't appear on his profile. "TR credited does not appear on either of our status portion of the trade panel. Can you fix this?


24-04-2007 15:28:46

Hi, Chef Terrell here.

I think I was successful yesterday in signing with one freebie site. You might want to check to see if you were credited. It showed that I was sponsored by you. So, you should have been credited.

Let me know if it went through okay.


28-04-2007 22:19:18

thanks good info


03-05-2007 02:58:10

Those are some great tips, they lay the foundation of what to look for! Thanks a lot, as i am a newb, not a trade yet.



03-05-2007 22:25:46

im new to this, but it seems like there are some bad people around for us noobies but also people like you guys that look foward to keep this site clean thanks a lot D


14-05-2007 09:44:24

Great advice! I'm new and haven't traded yet so the advice will come in handy thanks D


19-05-2007 18:47:31

Thanks for posting all of these great tips. I am also a newbie and this is my first post and I am also new to trading. I am looking forward to learning something new. Thanks again for being there. )


26-05-2007 22:56:22

hi thnks for everything there is so much to learn but it seems like there are many here that will try to help, i hope. hope to get out there and make some money before i loose to much.

nurse 29

28-05-2007 22:59:38

Read and re-read I say! Lot's of infoout there and it's good to know we get true answers here. Have been wronged already and should have remembered what I read here!


29-05-2007 19:55:49



30-05-2007 20:32:12

great advice...thank you


03-06-2007 03:48:04

I have a question that I hope someone can help me with . When I do an offer but I will get paid on approval, when or how will I know that the approval has occured so I can get paid?


08-06-2007 11:04:07

Hi - I am new and this has helped a lot. Thanks!


08-06-2007 21:18:51

Thanks for all the info. Very helpful. Overwhelmed is all. I'm working on it. Thanks Again.


13-06-2007 07:27:35

Hello Sir

I got four to five messages from this link but I check my PM message and I had no any new message. I am unsure where ther are problems.

In addition, I post more ad and I think my posting ad is always 33 and it has no change. In addition, my last visit is always hidden. Can you check my file? In addition, I will go to USA to join a conference and I will not do the trade with other people in a week. how can I tell other people or I post ad in this link and tell them I will be absent in a week?

Many thanks for your kindly help.

Have a good day!

Best regards,


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13-06-2007 08:14:56

Hi, I am a Newbie on this forum, but have been working on FLR forums for about a month so I think I have a good grasp of how things work. Lots of good information posted here, and I appreciate the good advice. I hope to make lots friends and even a little extra income as well.
Thanks and Have a Great Day!


13-06-2007 12:40:06

I'm also a NewB here. Thanks for all the good info..hopefully this will work well..I look forward to some good honest fun and money.. D



13-06-2007 17:58:24

Thanks for the heads up... Ready to go


14-06-2007 18:58:49

peksim's tutorial is really excellent


14-06-2007 22:07:01

where is it?


15-06-2007 12:58:12

Every Trader Should Read This!!!! Thanks FIPG...


15-06-2007 21:26:58

Thank you so much for the help an tipsof advice!! NEWBIE HERE <------
What should be the next thing I do after I have read the rules and tips?
Thanks again..... lol


16-06-2007 06:34:00

Thanks for the information. I am new to the forum and look forward to completing offers for honest and helpful members. If you have patience and want to work with a "NEWBIE" please PM.



18-06-2007 21:46:08

Thanks for the newbie advice....I can use all the help I can get!! If anyone is interested in guiding a newbie I would be gratefullol


20-06-2007 10:19:53

Thanks for the info. Im a newbie and really overwhelmed right now I need the help.


06-07-2007 10:51:55

Thanx for the information. Also I bumped twice in the last 24 hrs and I didnt know. i wouldn't do it again. Sorry.


06-08-2007 01:16:10

I just wanted to say I really like this post I am new at this but have been doing a lot of reading and also on the other site I belong to a couple of people tried to get me to go green with them without putting anything in the Trade manager. When I asked them to do so they dissapeared not to answer me. Good because I will not go green with anyone unless they put it in the Trade manager to protect me and them. So I am ready to go Green now as long as they use the Trade manager.

thanks wink


13-08-2007 18:27:54

Just a very good suggestion from a trader who has been here a while.......[/color2476f952b0]
Many times people will come here to scam people. They make up fake names and attempt to do the same site multiple times. To help everyone help stop scammers.
[b2476f952b0]PLEASE INCLUDE THE NAME OF THE SITE IN THE FEEDBACK YOU GIVE When completing a trade. [/b2476f952b0] This will help us stop these scammers a little sooner by allowing everyone to see the trades done by a trader when looking at their profile.[/size2476f952b0][/color2476f952b0]
Trade safe everyone!


15-08-2007 12:28:11

Great info! Will follow!


07-09-2007 08:22:07

i have a question.....if i have sites that i want done for me....will people sign up if i have a zero TR, and haven't completed any trades yet? would it be better to do some greens first, then get my own referrals? thanks for advice )


07-09-2007 14:22:36

[quotef5ae2b34a8="mistivon"]i have a question.....if i have sites that i want done for me....will people sign up if i have a zero TR, and haven't completed any trades yet? would it be better to do some greens first, then get my own referrals? thanks for advice )[/quotef5ae2b34a8]

It is possible to get people to sign up under you but it would be MUCH easier when you have some TR built up! Doing greens for cash is the fastest/easiest way to build TR, get a few of those then start trading green for green. Good luck! lol


16-09-2007 17:27:32

New here . thanks for all the info.


01-10-2007 11:36:08

Thanks for the great info! D


04-10-2007 11:29:52

i read it and wil go by that i just want to get started D


01-11-2007 22:13:19

just starting up. this info is crucial. thanks!


27-11-2007 22:32:43

I've read the info and appreciate the warnings... I too am a newb and will be very careful. Thx D


28-12-2007 15:23:27

newbiee here. Great information page thank you.


30-12-2007 15:58:23

Hello World....... A brand newbie!!!!!! Good information. Glad to be aboard. Look forward to many , many transactions......


03-01-2008 17:14:07

Hello, everyone! D

I am a real Newbie... Haven't signed up for any freebies anywhere yet. I just wanted to say a quick Thank You for all this wonderfully helpful information. Now that I've read all the rules and tips, I can't wait to get going! Looking forward to trading with you folks...



04-01-2008 16:57:12

Same Here. Thanks a lot for all of the information which gives us all great insight. It's like being in a world of it's own!


07-01-2008 11:36:02

[b0ef2c1c905] Thank you. I guess you saved me a few headaches.
I am a newbie ready to start and I was thinking that I didn't know how to see the difference between the easier trades that have been offered to me.

Thanks again ) [/b0ef2c1c905]


16-01-2008 16:03:50

thanks for the info i was a lil confused and now im gonna read other stuff


18-01-2008 19:33:57

Thanks for the info. See you on the boards.


21-01-2008 01:56:19

Thanks for the info. I'm new here. But I have been dabbling in the freebie world for a couple months. My first post on this forum . Hello everyone


21-01-2008 07:47:58

Thanks to all of you helpful traders.. I am a very new newbie.

All the info a little overwhelming. Hope to find someone to trust to help me out.

Thanks again for all the great info.



22-01-2008 17:36:32

Hi debbie.


30-01-2008 17:39:33

thanks. I've read it.


03-02-2008 19:03:05

Thanks for the info. I have read it and will obey by all rules and regulations. lol


04-02-2008 12:39:31

Great information Thanks!


18-06-2008 10:48:13

i'm totally new to this. and i'm still kinda lost. ?


16-07-2008 13:30:30

Thanks for the info. Even though I joined here in February I am just now starting to scope out the site. Like I said, even though I'm just getting around to looking through this site, I am not new to freebie trading. I have already done quite a few trades on other forums so I know the process. I just don't know the rules and regs on this forum.


14-10-2008 09:59:52

Read and understand ! Thanks alot


29-12-2008 14:35:55

your welcome.


27-01-2009 16:35:09

I signed up for a job that I thought was "data entry" So far I haven't been doing any typing, besides filling out my name and info and writing this comment. This is all another language to me and very unclear of what exactly I am supposed to be actually doing. What am I supposed to be doing? I have no idea!