News: Forcebucks *DRASTICALLY* Increases Offer Weights! :)

Live forum:


10-05-2008 11:19:40

Hey Guys,

[b0f6614b942]We just upped ALL credit weights for EVERY ONE of our offers! [/b0f6614b942]This means it is easier for you to "go green" on ForceBucks so someone can pay you. It is also easier to get referrals since they will green much faster!
Why and how did we do this?[/b0f6614b942] Well, with our recent promotion to "Proven" on "another freebie forum"), we generated A LOT more traffic for our advertisers. This gives ForceBucks better commission rates for each of our offers allowing us to pass the savings and cash on to you--our users! Every offer generally increased in value by up to 30%!!!
Check the offers out here[/b0f6614b942]

As always, good luck and happy greening! Let us know if you have ANY questions at all. Thanks for reading!!!


10-05-2008 11:48:36

wow. 30% dude? That's awesome haha, I'll be signing up soon, some offers that I haven't done are beginning to trickle in.

I was pissed, I was already a member of Full Tilt Poker and then they added an offer for it D


07-06-2008 21:08:05

I don't know. I try to stay away from sites that give partial credit for offers. It's a huge rip-off IMO plus you have to get referrals. Why not just do some DIY sites and actually get something for all olf that hard work.

I'll pass until they can offer credits in an actual whole number fasion.


08-06-2008 21:15:09

wow, that looks great. You can green for less than $10. Thanks!!