Only 36 Hours Remaining for ForceBucks "On Fire! April!

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28-04-2008 06:00:46

[ba02ff9181a]Ladies and Gentlemen,[/ba02ff9181a]

[ba02ff9181a]Just an FYI--there are only 36 HOURS left to take advantage of our super-popular "On Fire! April" Promotion.[/ba02ff9181a] This means you only have 3 days to get paid our $20 MORE per green. You also only have 3 days left to get a "Free Green" if you want to put ForceBucks in your trade thread. After the 30th at midnight, we will not be giving any more free greens out(although there will be a way to get them in our May promo.) See the On Fire! April thread in our ForceBucks subforum to see how to get the free green.

So hurry up and set the scene ablaze and take advantage of ForceBucks On Fire! April!! proud

Also--we want to thank the [ba02ff9181a]62 PEOPLE[/ba02ff9181a] that have already made their mark on On Fire! April and begun taking advantage of the program. The StatBoard can be seen below. THANKS ALL!


Happy Greening,