Forcebucks - 1000 USERS IN 2 MONTHS!!!

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03-04-2008 06:21:00

Hey all!
We just wanted to THANK EVERYONE for signing up and making ForceBucks as successful as it has been so far. We have had OVER 1000 SIGNUPS IN JUST OUR FIRST 2 MONTHS OF EXISTENCE! Woo hoo! )
This blew our projections out of the water to say the least. We really hope you all are happy with out network and we are ALWAYS willing to lend an ear and listed to you feedback, weather it be positive or negative. Either way it's constructive for us!

Thanks again--all of you--and we look forward to doing more business, paying more folks out, and HAVING MORE FUN in the coming years. Good luck and happy greening!

[b4cbe1d7371]THANK YOU FROM FORCEBUCKS!!![/size4cbe1d7371][/b4cbe1d7371]


03-04-2008 18:16:51

Congratulations on your success.