ForceBucks/FiPG FREE GREEN Thursday! - Today Only

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20-03-2008 07:21:42

Hey FiPG,

[b19820b3325]We are offering FREE GREENS to the entire member-base for today only on any or all of our 8 sites within the ForceBucks network. We have 4, 1-credit sites to choose from--including the 80.forcebucks site which is HIGHEST in the industry.[/b19820b3325]

[b19820b3325]We have grown at 365% from last week so you guys should all try and take advantage of this. As more people want to sign up over the next few months--they are going to need folks to pay them for the green.
Good luck!!! Thanks for reading!!


20-03-2008 09:18:10

Thx for all the free greens! D