ForceBucks & Make-A-Wish Foundation - 3 Offers

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17-03-2008 06:47:03

[b9d3f1d14b9]Hey FiPG-

We just wanted to let you know that the ForceBucks Network[/color9d3f1d14b9] has implemented a great new system involving the wonderful Make-A-Wish Foundation[/color9d3f1d14b9].

There are 3 new offers[/color9d3f1d14b9] added on our offers page (http//[]http// that involve donations to Make-A-Wish[/color9d3f1d14b9]. They are all totally free, no CC required, quick, easy, and while they do not credit our users since we are passing all the profit onto Make-A-Wish, they are easy for everyone and the funds go to a GREAT cause.

Just complete a short survey by clicking on the link once you are in your ForceBucks account, and we will donate $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation[/color9d3f1d14b9] in your name. It's that easy.

Thanks for reading!



17-03-2008 08:57:52

[bd9bb76bf23]VERY AWESOME!!! I'm so glad to see another network hosting donation offers for a better cause! I know I won't be the only one happy to see this. Alright ForceBucks!!! D Keep up all the GREAT work!!! wink

~ Cat[/bd9bb76bf23][/sized9bb76bf23][/colord9bb76bf23]


18-03-2008 07:11:26

Thanks Cat! Looking forward to paying you out again--instantly! )