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14-03-2008 06:30:10

[b6c75ff23b4]Hey Guys and Gals! I just wanted to take a quick second and formally describe our network to everyone.[/b6c75ff23b4]
The ForceBucks Network[=http//]The ForceBucks Network[/b6c75ff23b4]
This includes the following 8 sites[/b6c75ff23b4][/u6c75ff23b4]
ForceBucks -[=http//]ForceBucks - - (Pays $40 per referral!)
ForceBucks -[=http//]ForceBucks - - (Pays $60 per referral!)
ForceBucks -[=http//]ForceBucks - - (Pays $80 per referral! One of the HIGHEST in the Industry!)
ForceBucks -[=http//]ForceBucks - - (GiftCards for places like StarBucks, Apple Store, & Amazon!)
ForceBucks -[=http//]ForceBucks - - (Get a Wii or Nintendo DS! Or any game!)
ForceBucks -[=http//]ForceBucks - - (iPods, iPhones, MacBooks! An iPod Shuffle with 1 referral!)
ForceBucks -[=http//]ForceBucks - - (Everything Sony! Digital cameras to PS3s!)
ForceBucks -[=http//]ForceBucks - - (All Laptops! From only 4 referrals too! Get the "paper-thin" MacBook Air!)

[b6c75ff23b4]FYI - 40, 60, 80 and GiftCards are 1-credit requirements; Wii, Sony, and Apple are 2-credits; and Laptops is a 3-credit requirement.[/b6c75ff23b4]

The numeric sites are pretty self-explanatory and Giftcards is $100/3 referrals; Wii, Sony,and Apple are $160/2 referrals, Laptops is $120/1 referral.

Some of you have heard about or even signed up at ForceBucks, but for those who haven't--we are a referral based gift site where you can complete between 1 and 3 credits on the offers page, and then are qualified to get paid for people who do the same after joining through your referral link.

We have [b6c75ff23b4]120+ Offers[/b6c75ff23b4] at the moment (and growing!) and we are CONSTANTLY adding new offers and removing offers that generate any type of negative feedback. Of the 120 offers, we currently have

[b6c75ff23b4]28 - Totally FREE Offers
55 - Offers that Cost LESS than $5.00 to the user
74 - Instantly Crediting Offers[/b6c75ff23b4]

[b6c75ff23b4]Our Goal is for you to be able to credit, refer, and get paid in the SHORTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE amount of time with the BEST DANG CUSTOMER SUPPORT IN THE INDUSTRY. Period.[/b6c75ff23b4][/color6c75ff23b4][/size6c75ff23b4]

We do have the Support Ticket System where users open tickets and are very quickly replied to. We also have a Manual Credit Requests System. That said--we want users to SEND US their "Confirmation Emails" INSTANTLY as they receive them so WE can log them, follow up, and make sure you get credited as soon as you possibly can.
24/7 Instant Message Support
AIM ForceBucks
Yahoo ForceBucks
If you have [b6c75ff23b4]ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL[/b6c75ff23b4], please contact us, we know it's cliche but "no question is a stupid one!"

[b6c75ff23b4]Thanks and have a great one!



15-03-2008 09:51:44

Updated and took out the promo info. Thanks to EVERYONE who signed up. I look forward to paying you guys out again and again--instantly! )