I got paid within 2 minutes!!!!

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06-03-2008 14:06:53

I had a referral turn green today, I wasn't paying attention, Forcbucks told me on AIM. I checked it out and all of a sudden I saw it one of my referrals was green, I placed the order and within minutes I had money!!!!! Thanks Forcebucks! You are a force to be reckoned with.

sandra habina

10-03-2008 00:23:49

Congrats Tucker - that is awesome. Great job Forcebucks.


10-03-2008 11:50:07

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10-03-2008 14:04:21

All in a day's work! ;)

Honestly though, we feel like that is definitely our major differentiator--customer service. In the next few months, the ForceBucks Network is going to ASTOUND the freebie community with how responsive it is to the masses and how happy its members are. Green away!!!