Feb Promo is carried over to March!

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03-03-2008 06:52:12

[bebcde54034]With the success of our Feb Promo, we have decided to run it all the way through March.[/bebcde54034]

The promo is targeted to new users since our network is relatively new. Basically, we pay you to green if you green unreferred. We think this will help people who like ForceBucks, love the support/instant payments/giant number of offers, but cannot find many people who are paying for greens here.

Basically, WE are paying you for the greens! )

This will be beneficial to high-volume traders since you would be able to put our sites in your trade thread early. Our site is growing very fast and most people can't use the "I have already done that green" excuse when you ask them to green AND you can pay them instantly (because we pay you instantly), keeping them a close customer and greening for you again and again.

sandra habina

03-03-2008 10:19:53

Nice Wrok ForceBucks - looking forward to cashing out over and over.



03-03-2008 13:24:12

Thanks Sandra! We look forward to paying YOU over and over! )