Promotion for "Freebie Veterans" - until midnight

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27-02-2008 04:59:41

We have decided to run a very short, 2-day promotion solely for the hard-working "Veterans" of this great industry![/b62719c3fcf]

[b62719c3fcf]If you have a TR of [u62719c3fcf]OVER 20[/u62719c3fcf] in any of the "Big 3" forums, we are allowing you to substitute a referral for your own personal offer credits on any of our 8 sites[/b62719c3fcf]. This means, upon getting a SECOND REFERRAL, you WILL BE PAID OUT INSTANTLY. You do not have to get the referral green within the 2-day period, but you do have to contact us and let us know you are interested in taking advantage of this promotion. We think it's about time someone recognized and thanked all you guys for all your influence and contribution to the World of Freebies! D

[b62719c3fcf]To take advantage of the promotion, make sure you have a TR of [u62719c3fcf]OVER 20[/u62719c3fcf] on any of the "Big 3" Freebie Forums and either IM "ForceBucks" on AIM, send us a PM on FiPG or shoot us an email= at at [/b62719c3fcf]


ForceBucks Network Support[]


27-02-2008 08:25:41

Wow! Pretty awesome promo!


27-02-2008 09:21:23

Thanks again!!


28-02-2008 05:31:31

This promotion has ended. Thanks to the folks that contacted us with the request. I think you veterans are an asset to this community and will be very pleased with ForceBucks and the way/speed we operate.

Happy Greening!