***Your Introduction to ForceBucks***

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26-02-2008 07:35:51

Hey All--

I just wanted to give you all a quick intro of myself and really what our network is here to do. Let us know if you have ANY questions whatsoever and I look forward to hopefully chatting with each of you on FiPG at some point.

Well, my name is Ryan and a couple parters and I have opened up the ForceBucks Network relatively recently. We entered this industry to do a few things differently than the bigger folks. As it says on our homepage, we aim to solve some of the real problems that the traditional sites in the industry have created. We think that keeping people happy with our network is not a pipe dream ) as some folks in the freebie scene may think, but a very real objective. Our goal is for people to say "ForceBucks was my best freebie experience. They will simply bend over backwards for you."

That said, we are absolutely DEDICATED to fast and instant payouts, the best offers on the net, and outstanding customer service. Browse around the network and you will see that immediately.

Some of you have seen, signed up, and even referred folks already to our network but for those who have not, here our our 8 sites


Each one is different with it's own advantages. Anyone who greens on all 8 sites will receive a $150 bonus! We don't care if you are referred or not. Just green them all and get paid instantly.

Feel free to give us a shout and say "Hi" or introduce yourself. I would love to chat with any of you at any time. My personal AIM is ForceBucks (no brainer huh )) So with that, happy greening and talk to you all soon!

Thanks for reading!

ForceBucks Network
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27-02-2008 04:07:28

Very nice intro! Definitely starting out on the right foot, informative & professional. )