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26-02-2008 07:11:03

[bc01fc2d3d8]FiPG Community--[/bc01fc2d3d8]

One of our ForceBucks Support members is simply a [bc01fc2d3d8]genious[/bc01fc2d3d8] when it comes to Adobe Photoshop and other image-editing software. He majored in graphic design and has major talent in our opinion. He said he will be willing to make ANY ForceBucks member a custom signature or banner to advertise/attach their referral link to in forums, blogs and other online communities.

[bc01fc2d3d8]Just PM us or email= us at email=support@forcebucks.comsupport@forcebucks.com us at email=support@forcebucks.comsupport@forcebucks.com/email to request a sig. Please specify what size and what theme (if any) you would like. I am sure he wouldn't mind taking creative license on it if you don't have any preferences of your own. He also sai it shouldn't take him more than 20 minutes or so to create.[/bc01fc2d3d8]


http//forcebucks.com/images/FraggitSig.png[" alt=""/imgc01fc2d3d8]


ForceBucks Network Support


27-02-2008 04:45:27

Lol, now THAT is DEFINITELY DIFFERENT!!! VERY cool idea!!!

I will be thinking mine up for you....... ;)