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27-02-2008 10:19:27

Hi my first time posting here so forgive me if I'm doing something wrong.

I was wonder if anyone has needed to use the support at

So far I've had a pretty bad experience with giveawaynetwork as no one is going green. It would be nice if TAB could explain in-depth in how the support system works. cry

Once again I'm not complaining about a personal issue but just warning others about using this site and trying to gain information to help me and others get through to support.



06-03-2008 00:08:03


I received your PM. Sorry it has taken so long for you to receive credit and for your support ticket to be answered. Your account should now be up to date.

Again sorry for the delay.


07-03-2008 17:46:27

Thanks for your help. I finally had one of my friends go green.

Thank you for your reply! )

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