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25-01-2008 04:17:44

Hi all,

Iím Tab and I am the owner of the Giveaway Network. For those of you that have no idea who the Giveaway Network are, hereís a quick summary. The Giveaway Network was started February 2005 and was the first reward/incentive network in the UK. Since then we have become the largest UK based network shipping out over £300,000 in the 3 years we have been running.

To start with we are launching 4 sites while we get acquainted with how the things work here, with more sites launching very quickly after this. The current sites are[=http//]
Giving away the various iPods,[=http//]
Giving away the 360 Core, Premium and Elite.[=http//]
Giving away the 40GB and 80GB PS3ís.[=http//]
Giving way the Wii.

Network portal can be found at[=http//] and Support can be found at[=http//]

Our sites are extremely simple, and this is why we think they work so well. Our sites are all 1 credit sites, with only 1 full credit offers on them. No half, third, quarter, 0.0002 etc. offers. We will be adding more offers in the coming week, currently there are 25. We also only send out the physical gifts, with no cash alternatives unless we are unable to obtain the item in question. Accounts will be verified 5 days after they are submitted, and your account will tell you exactly what day you should expect verification once you submit it. Once verified successfully, your gift will be ordered the next day.

We believe our site designs are some of the best around at the moment, and they convert extremely well which should reduce your need for trades or congas.

To celebrate the launch of our US sites we are holding an opening promotion. The first person from FIPG to submit their account for verification and be successfully verified on 360Giveaway or on SonyPS3Giveaway will receive a $300 voucher of their choice (In addition to the gift they verified for). To clarify, thatís a $300 voucher for the first person on 360Giveaway [b555e205682]and[/b555e205682] a $300 voucher for the first person SonyPS3Giveaway. If the first person to submit their account does not get verified successfully then it will go to the next person, and so onÖ Simply PM once you have submitted your account for verification.

Just to add there will be no hanging around waiting for our first publisher cheque to come through before ordering gifts, we will be sending them out as soon as the orders for them come in.

Any questions please just askÖ.


sandra habina

25-01-2008 06:23:19

Sounds exciting. If a trader signs up unreferred, are you offering free green? Thanks for any more info. I registered.


25-01-2008 07:40:21

Free green promo? )


27-01-2008 12:48:04

For the Free Green promotion please see this thread




27-01-2008 13:13:24

oh nice


27-01-2008 13:24:04

[quoted69fc60828="puppeteer"]Are you guys hiring?[/quoted69fc60828]

Afraid not... sorry.