ExpressBux **REFERRAL RACE** -- $250

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10-04-2008 00:50:45

We are starting a new promotion for the month of April for our users. The Person with the most completed referrals, on one of our featured sites, at the end of this month will receive $250 on top of there payout. This referral race will end 1200 AM APRIL 30th!! Please take advantage of this great opportunity.

1st place - $250
2nd & 3rd place - $50

To sign up for the referral race send in a support ticket with your name and email address you signed up under. Also sign up now, unrefereed, and you will have your offer requirements waived. All you have to do is send in a support ticket for FREE GREEN, this offer is only available on one of our featured sites.

Thank you

If you have any questions AIM support ExpressBux Live


Instant payouts from April 20th - 30th !!