APRIL PROMO ****FREE GREEN***** ** $5 Extra ON CASH OUT **

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10-04-2008 00:25:24

Everyone that cashes out in the month of April will be receiving an [b283d2cb4b5]extra $5[/b283d2cb4b5] along with their prize! This promotion is a great way to receive a little bit of extra money along with your prize!!

Free Green
We are still offering [b283d2cb4b5]FREE GREEN[/b283d2cb4b5] until the end of April! Our free green can only be used on 1 of our 2 sites so choose wisely =) Just send in a support ticket to get your offer requirements waived and remember you must be [b283d2cb4b5]unreferred[/b283d2cb4b5]. If you have any questions post them on this forum. Thanks!

We will be paying out[b283d2cb4b5] instantly[/b283d2cb4b5] between [b283d2cb4b5]April 20th - April 30th[/b283d2cb4b5]