Freebie Trading Stores

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27-12-2009 11:51:22

Hello everyone, if you haven't heard by now Moneybonanzas has been working on a huge new idea. We are working on making everyone an owner of our site in a way. Go to http// and see what we are doing with them. There you will find our blogs, tweets, and new pages placed on there.

Also to set up your freebie store all you need to do is go sign up and have our resource page person update you store. You have three options with the freebie stores.

Option #1
You can set up your own freebie store with your own words and promote them on the world wide internet.

Option #2
Sign up submit a support ticket and ask us to set up your store for you like we have at http//

Option #3
Get your store set up by us and then change what you do not like.

Also we have set up an area for you to check out to view how you can promote your page and get more Free and or Paid referrals. Go to http// We will continue to add to the page and look for you to place you opinion, recommendations, and your pure thoughts.

To help everyone get to their first $1000 bonus we need everyone to join in. The more that come in to get their bonus the easier it will make for everyone to gain their bonus.