New Year's Referral Race

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27-11-2008 22:45:42

For the Year 09 we are kicking it off with a referral race that will hopefully fit everyone. This referral race will have levels. I want the big fish to be able to participate without making the regular traders feel as if itís no point in racing. There will be two levels to this race.

Level one The Regular Race
You must have at least 3 referrals to place.

First Place will Get $300
Second Place Will get $150
Third Place will get $50
Fourth and Fifth place will get $25

Second Level Will Be the Champs Race
You must have 15 Referrals to Be in this race
First Place will get $600
Second Place will get $350
Third Place will get $250
If more people come into this champs race well will extend the prizes which will raise the first place prize.

If anyone reaches 30 referrals a third level can be created!

All reds will be taken off your score even if you have been paid for them. To help people get referrals we are running this race from December 1st to January 15th. FREE GREENS (requirements being waived) will be given to any new comers and people who have some but not all sites.

Point Breakdown will be as follows.
Half.moneybonanzas 1/2 referral
Cash.moneybonanzas 1 referral
100bucks.moneybonanzas 2 Referrals
Gifts.moneybonanzas 2 referrals
145.moneybonanzas 3 referrals

To throw your hat in the race simply place one of your IDís here and we will track your