Happy Thanks Giving Promotion

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13-11-2008 13:18:45

Hello all, along with the regular two month Promo we are running we are adding a Thanks Giving Promo.
For this promo we are giving a bonus to you (the referrer) and your referral. Yes we will pay the bonus to your referral for you. Here are the rules.

Your referral must sign up between November 1st and November 30th.
Green Date must be on or after the 12th of November
To get the bonus you must post Happy Thanks Giving to (Your Referral Number)
For your referral to get the bonus they must post the same way. Enjoy and HAPPY THANKS GIVING.

Bonus will be different for each site.......
Cash= $ 7 Bonus for you $3 Bonus for your referral
100Bucks=$15 for you $5 for your referral
Gifts= $10 for you $5 for your referral.
half= $3 for you $2 for your referral
145= $10 for you $5 for you referral.