July Promos. 4 promos for 4 sites!

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06-07-2008 13:44:48

Hello everyone back for another great month. I am looking forward to this month’s promotion. I am doing something not done before. Each network under moneybonanzas.com will have its own promotion. I hope you enjoy!

Half.Moneybonanzas.Com 1/2 credit $20 per referral
We will be giving a $35 bonus for every 5 referral that go green. Meaning instead of getting $100 for your referral, you will receive $135 for your referral. That is a 35% bonus which means no matter what you pay you will be making profit.

Cash.moneybonanzas.com 1 credit site $40 per referral.
We are giving a 1 credit bonus! For every 4 referrals you have go green we will give you 1 credit to divide between your referrals as you see fit. That one credit can be worth up to $160 if you give 1/4 credit to 4 referrals who are in need of a .25 credit to become green.

Gifts.moneybonanzas.com 2 credit site $80 per referral
For this site we are running a partial credit. Meaning you can add up as many referrals to account for the 2 credit cash out. All referrals that are added up will become used. There is a two referral cap on this promotion which means you can add up to 4 credits for cash out.

145.moneybonanzas.com 3 credit site $145 per referral
For this site we are giving your referrals 1/3 credit right when they begin. Your referral must ask for credit before they begin any offers. This will make it extremely easy for your referral to go green. You will be getting a great payout of $145 for getting referral to do 2 2/3 credits.

I hope you enjoy these promos! All promos are good from 7/1/2008 to 7/31/2008!. All referral must sign up between the valid dates of the promotions. If there are any questions please contact me anytime. To get any of the promotions you must alert support.