Possible new payment Structure.

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30-05-2008 11:08:52

Hey everyone I have some "possible" good news. I hate to jump the gun but I must get everyone's opinion. I am thinking about moving the site to an instant payment structure. All the plans to do that will put the site in possible danger which I have worked hard to avoid. So I will leave the options to you!

Option 1
Instant payments with a blackout date of 13th to the 22nd. This is to complete the records and transfer funds to be available for the other dates

Option 2 Full instant payout schedule but 1 referral cash outs will be removed. From Cash, Gifts, and 145 (half will keep the one referral cash out) Cash and gifts will need 3 completed referrals and 145 will have a two cash out requirement.

Option 3 Keep payouts on the 1st, 12, and 24th of every month. With this option I admit I will be more able to give the bonuses some of you have come to love. Please explain the reason you voted for what you voted for. Feed back is also welcomed!


30-05-2008 18:44:40

I chose to keep MoneyBonanzas current payout plan because it provides YOU with the most stablity and US with set dates that we can tell our referrals.

It is important that you keep MoneyBonanzas stable and safe away from scammers. With the other 2 options, I feel you would be at WAYYYY too big of a risk of a scammer increase and thats no good for me or you.

I mean, you basically payout every 2 weeks, just like you would at a job. I mean, if you want to do anything to improve the payout system, I say try to go for a weekly payout day like Thursday or Wednesday, if it isn't too much of a work load on you.

I don't know if you take care of MoneyBonanzas by yourself or not but handling everything even with multiple people must be a hassle! And I'm pretty sure processing instant payments for people would put even more stress to you.

I enjoy getting same day support and wouldn't want that to change or become a hassle to ya!